My First BV!!!

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    Thanks for the clarification, cotton broadcloth is a better description of the fabric. My mom is the seamstress in the family. Closeup high resolution pics may make it appear to be a thicker fabric like canvas. It is very similar to the lining in MJ bags, which is fabulous because it is nice & smooth and this is of course really important for inside pockets! Suede can be "grabby" IMO.

    BTW Sorry, I totally overlooked commenting on OP's bag - it is GORGEOUS! I love Nero the way it has a slight sheen and the Campana style is really a classic - NICE.:hbeat::tup:
  2. Yes, the inside pocket is certainly cotton broadcloth. Incase, anyone is considering this bag, here is a picture of the suede lining. Sorry for the bad phone pics.
    Thanks again everyone.
  3. Oh wow how pretty! Especially that last photo looking just looks so yummy and luxurious! Congratulations OP on such a gorgeous, classic bag! I am 100% sure that you will love it forever!
    I, myself, don't have any BV yet...but I'm hoping that one day I will! This looks like the perfect bag to dream for :cloud9:
  4. Thank you- that's sweet. I hope your first BV will be just as perfect!
  5. Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  6. Congrats on the purchase, the colour is very nice.

    Did you have to ask for the box or did it come with it? At the BV boutiques here in HK, they only give a dust bag along with the bag, no boxes. They said when the get the bags in, they don't come with boxes.
  7. Thanks again. I purchased this bag from BV online and it came in the box wrapped up really nice in paper with a leather tie outside.