My first BV:Sloane bag in poudre color!!!

  1. :nuts: Just want to share this with all of you!
    I bought it yesterday at the BV boutique in my area. I was originally going to get the Montaigne bag in magnolia color, but then I read so much about how light colors stain or get dirty easily, but I really wanted a pink bag, so I got this one. I love the shape of this bag! It's very roomy and slouchy, I can hold it any way I want, and the handle feels comfortable on my shoulder. The color looks like it changes under different types of light. I like it because it looks almost like a "dirty" pink.
    One of the SA's mentioned that this poudre color is wearable all year round in comparison with the lighter pink. So, for me this is a perfect neutral pink that I can wear anytime!!!



  2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful bag. Congratulations, I'm sure you'll love wearing it. Like the SA who sold me my first Balenciaga said, go and celebrate! Darn, I need something in this colour now!
  3. Congratulations!! Love that bag and the color--my newest BV is in Poudre. You're right about the color changes in different light. I've received many compliments and a few of those "stares"--like I do when I see a bag that intrigues me. I'll bet you will receive many compliments on this one. Enjoy!:yahoo:
  4. Congrats. The sloane style is awesome and the color is great too.
  5. Such a gorgeous gorgeous bag gglvs2shop. The Sloane is really slouchy and roomy. Don't you just love the colour! I have it in the Cocker. The dusty pink looks great in nappa, the lambskin makes it look softer (the Cocker is cervo which is deer skin, so it's stiffer).

    ebruo : Time to visit Bond St again :graucho:
  6. wow this color is so beautiful! and i was hoping someone would get the sloane so i could see what it looks like on a person, looks fab!! thanks for the pics!!!
  7. It is really gorgeous! It's the color I have in a cocker and Sloane is the next BV I'm dying to get. Perfect combo and I really like how it drops under your shoulders. Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  8. Congrats!

    That's an AMAZING colour for a Sloane! It's so pretty, and I can def see it as a year-round bag! :love:
  9. NICE!!! It looks GREAT on you!
  10. :drool: :drool: *sigh* *gasp* *drool*

  11. love it!
    congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Congratulations! It's beautiful and just perfect for spring.
  13. Can anyone tell me which is bigger? The Sloane or the large Veneta.

  14. Large Veneta : 20"x20"
    Sloane : 16"x4"x13"

    Checked out the BV site for more details.
  15. Ooh, I want it! :heart: :heart: :heart: