My first big Prada got a little sister, and she came with a bow! ;)

  1. I admit I'm a sucker for the gradient Prada bags :love:... After my first ever Prada, the big Bauletto, I really wanted to add a smaller bag for going out/evenings. So I went to check out the bow clutches with the green, orange or pink bow (and the additional shoulder strap) in the boutique, and they had the orange and pink one, but I'm just not a pink person :shrugs: So as I was walking out of the shop, my SA practically runs up to me with the degrade/gradient clutch in ardesia/talco she had just found in the window! :nuts: :love:

    I tried her on and she is so beautiful and comfy... not to mention AGAIN how I just adore the gradient design in grey LMAO! :wlae:Well, she's all MINE now:yahoo:

    I haven't seen on the internet or on tPF before, so I hope you like the pics! :smile:
    bowclutch-dustbag.jpg clutch-front.jpg clutch-back.jpg clutch-side.jpg clutch-inside.jpg
  2. I love it :heart::heart::heart:, gorgeous. Love that it's a little sis to your big bag too...
  3. sweeet! the fall collection is cool. i hope to get my 1st prada next month or next year.
  4. Thank you glossie! Good luck with your first one and please post pics! :flowers:

    Modeling pic, casual:

  5. you know, I wasn't crazy about these clutches, but in this color it's really, really beautiful. you have great taste, hope to see more modeling pictures!

    (and I like your nail polish too). :tup:
  6. ^Thank you mundodabolsa! :flowers: I'm usually not crazy about bows on anything but with these colors it's not sugary sweet, KWIM?

    Here are some more...



    And this one is a bit silly LOL:

  7. I think I like yours the best of all of the others I've seen! I just don't understand why some of them have shoulder straps and others don't - looks like your's doesn't. I'd definitely consider that one in your color with a strap...

  8. yes, EXACTLY how I feel.
  9. I know what you mean, I was debating it because of the strap thing, but the other bow clutches aren't me color-wise. I have lots of other small bags with shoulder straps or long straps and a wristlet, so I'm good but I really wanted this unique design. It's so effortless, I :heart: it!
  10. Oh MY god..I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! May I ask how much it was?
  11. Thank you sweetie! :flowers:

    Let me check... in US$, according to 897$ incl. tax!

    Tomorrow I'll post a pic of both of them together :love:
  12. I absolutely love this bow bag! I like other color ones, but I LOVE this gradient bag. You made me want one too. :drool:
  13. Not a bad price! Thanks S-O-F! It looks HOT on you!!
  14. South of France, it looks great!

    May I ask how tall you are?