My first Bbag - Ink Shrug is here - Pics!

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  1. :love: That is a BEAUTIFUL bag!!!!!:love: Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! The style suits you very well! I love it on you!
  2. Love love love it!!! YAY!!! :nuts: So happy that you love it!

    (Is that a Gap hoodie you have on? I have one just like it!! LOL!!)

    Enjoy your beautiful new bag!!
  3. wow!! i love the leather and the color...congrats :smile:
  4. I really like the shrug style.... My next bag may have to be a shrug.
  5. Congrats !!!!!!!!!
    I really love INK !!!!!!!!!
  6. OMG It looks so great~~~ ~~~ I'm still waiting for mine from Barney's NY
  7. looks really nice seems to be great leather!
  8. WCLC, it looks great on you. Thanks for sharing. Did you get it from Barneys NY?
  9. Andie - it looks awesome! enjoy!
  10. thanks for posting pics with your carrying the bag...i have been dying to see how it looks like being carried! NOW I CAN'T WAIT FOR MINE TO COME in 4 days time :smile:

    looks so pretty on you!
  11. Chrischris -- Yes, I got it from Barneys NY.
  12. Thank you, you're too kind. Please post pics of your shrug when you get it. I hope you'll love it.
  13. That is a REALLY nice ink! :heart: It looks great on you too! Congrats!
  14. She's a beauty! Congrats! :yes:
  15. wow!!! thats so nice!! :nuts: now im super excited about mine, i also ordered na ink shrug from barneys ny... i was out of town for the weekend and fedex left a couple of door tags for me -- they didnt leave my bag at the door!!! arrrggg!!! now i have to wait for them tomorrow! i had to call them coz ill be working i didnt want to miss them again... im super excited!:yahoo: hope my bags leather will be as nice as yours... :s