My first Bbag - Ink Shrug is here - Pics!

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  1. :yahoo: My ink shrug arrived yesterday. I love, love, love the color!!!!! The leather is pretty soft and smooshy. There is some significant veining as the SA had described to me, but I don't mind. The bag looks and feels great to me. The color is so fabulous changing from darker to more purplely-blue in the sunlight. This is my first Bbag purchase and I'm so pleased. See what happens when you wander into this forum.

    The shrug hangs nicely from my shoulder and feels very comfortable. I was concerned about the bag opening at the top since it's not zippered and has a flap but like Rocksteady and others on this subforum have said, the sides kind of fold over when you carry it, so security is not much of a concern. I can actually reach in (someone else couldn't do this when I'm carrying it because it's under my arm and tucked against me) and grab my cell phone without the flap. I think that's pretty handy. The drop length is perfect for me. The bag at the bottom hits the upper hip (my preference) and the strap fits nicely over my winter wool coat.

    A big thanks again to Citychris for posting about the Barney's sale and also for the input and feedback from so many of you on my first bbag. *hugs*

    Here are the pics. I am taking a few in daylight and will post those in a bit.

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  2. congrats WCLC loveeeeeeeee your new SHRUG.... i think the leather is TDF`

    I love it, Ink is beautiful
  4. eping - Thank you so much.

    Jem - Thank you. I see you have your mini bowling in your avatar. Did you post a thread about it and I missed it?
  5. Congratulations, it's beautiful, I'm so glad you're happy with it!
  6. WCLC, congrats on your Bbag :yes: I love it.. the color is amazing.
  7. congratulations!!! the leather is wonderful!!

    please post pics wearing it :P
  8. CONGRATS!! :yahoo:

  9. no I didn't post a thread on it. I posted in the "post your collection thread"
  10. I love the leather... just the way I like it! Oh, and of cause the color too!!!!
  11. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my first bbag.

    Here are pics of me carrying the shrug. Pardon the very casual clothes, DH and I are just doing housework today and wrapping gifts. One is with flash, one without. The pic without flash definitely is less true to life (whole pic looks sort of yellowish) but had less of a reflection in the mirror.

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  13. [​IMG]

    it look great on you :wlae:
  14. Yummy, yummy, shrug :yahoo:

  15. I TOTALLY LOVE IT! I'm glad you are happy with it after all! ENJOY!!