My first Baby

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  1. Ladies, I've been drooling over my keybord everytime I visit this SubForum... I think I'm in love with Marc Jacobs... and after weeks of research I decided to make my first purchase... I think it's a little too flashy for me... but It's so different from everything else I own... What do you ladies think?
    I know it's from a past season but I think this color is back! It looks so gorgeous with my blue clothing and my bandage skirts...

    This is Miss Cristina (and my beloved Dolce)...:nuts:




  2. Its a nice pop of color! It is flashy, but this is small so it will be in a small dose.

    It will look hot with your BCBG skirts and your CL's! Modeling pics please!
  3. I think it's gorgeous... and I love your little Dolce, how sweet!
  4. tiger Really! I thought it was a little bit too much, but when I got home I paired with 2 outfits and it looked like the perfect touch! I'm pretty excited :P
    gypsy Thank you! my Dolce is a spoiled little king!
  5. congrats!
    welcome to MJ :heart:

    i think it's a great bag and a lil bling can be a good thing :yes:

    dolce is so cute!
  6. Awesome! I love the kristina, I hope to own one, one day as well! Congrats on your first MJ!
  7. The Kristina is a fun and gorgeous bag. A touch of gold is a good thing. Congrats on your first MJ!

    Dolce is a cutie!
  8. Oh, I LOVE. Keeper for sure!
  9. Tiger said it best - the perfect dose of flash. Now I'm drooling over my keyboard! She is a keeper (and so is King Dolce :smile:). Modeling pics, please!
  10. I love the color!!! Congrats!

    your bag is also gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  12. gorgeous! the dog and the bag. congrats!
  13. Gorgeous bag and Dolce is super cute.
  14. I woke up this morning, and came to work just to turn on my computer and find all these lovely messages!
    Dawn, thanks Mod.! I do feel welcomed! :ty:
    Awwgeez, Thank you and you should get yours soon, so we can be Kristina “twins” :ghi5:
    Shoppingislove, Dolce says Thank you! ....while he chews on my pen, :girlsigh:he came to work with me!
    Cocunuts, Thank you girl! I will keep it :shame:
    Katdhoneybee, I will post pics soon, (as soon as Florida goes back to normal Florida :wacko:)… It’s too cold to go out! ohhh and king Dolce will stay with me forever!!
    Heart, Thank you!
    Beljwl, OMG You love Chihuahuas too! Hehehehe I love your dogs! Chis are so sweet and cute! :love:
    Veganaise, Thank you (Dolce is blushed)
    Thank you petite

    Ladies you are super sweet! I feel so good this morning :happydance:
  15. and what a beautiful baby it is. very glam. although i have to say i think your dog is prettier. ;) congrats!