My First B Bag Today!!

  1. hey ladies,.....i have a secret to share..haha

    i am heading to Neiman today and purchase my FIRST BLUEBERRY (Fall06) WORK bag!!! but i seriously feel like a female "james bond" bc i must HIDE IT FROM MY HUSBAND bc hes gonna go NUTS if he finds out!! hahaha....i just purchased a SPY and a MJ STAM and i know hes NOT GONNA BE A HAPPY CAMPER when he finds out about the B bag....hahhahaahhaa...gosh i feel so devilish...hehe.....

    i think im going to keep the B bag in my trunk bc i know he will notice it if i put it in my bag closet..haha..

  2. wow!!! blueberyy work... congrats :yahoo:
    i've always wanted a work but haven't found that i really like :P
  3. haha! congrats! great choice! :love:
  4. congrats!!! love the style and the color!! love blue bags...used a dark blue fendi spy daily for almost a year....

    one questions..where is there a Neimans in nyc?
  5. Yay! Congrats! Please post pictures of the new bag.
  6. oooh post pictures when you get it!
  7. Whooohoooo! Can't wait to see pictures!
  8. The first always brings so much joy!
  9. Yay!!! Congrats! Please post pics of your beautiful new bag when you get it! :heart:
  10. hey girlies!! im BACK!! hehe....i got the BLUEBERRY WORK, shes soooo pretty!! i took some pics on my cell's them later!! my husband should be home soon..hahaha.....

    and i think someone asked about NEIMAN....theres no neiman in NYC..i dont think. i went to the one in GARDEN STATE PLAZA MALL (NEW JERSEY).
  11. oooo... mission impossible... well POSSIBLE..
  12. Congrats on your Blueberry Work!! Can't wait to see your pics:smile:
  13. i'm SO jealous!!! hehehe, congrats!!! :wlae:
  14. YAY~~welcome to the work club!!! can't wait to see pics!!!!
  15. *whispering* Ooooo, congrats! Can't wait to see pics.