My fiance and Chanel cannot co-exist boohoo

  1. :crybaby: I am sad. I've been resisting the urge to get a second Chanel bag before my wedding in December because well, I just shouldn't spend so much on myself while my fiance and I are saving for our wedding and apt, and also my fiance thinks it's pretty much "obscene" to spend that kind of money on a bag.

    I just got my first Chanel (reissue) in July this year and it's sparked off a whole Chanel addiction! Some of you know how I reaally wanted a luxe bowler but then turned one down cos I felt bad. So now, I've decided maybe I can still get another Chanel, just one that is "cheaper". And I've fallen in love with the timeless clutch, and pretty much made up my mind to get it before the price increase.

    I just floated the idea to my fiance today cos I didn't want to hide it from him, and he wasn't too happy. We didn't fight and he didn't say mean things, but I could tell he thought I was being too extravagant (even though I tried to justify that the clutch is 1/4 the price of my reissue!). So now I don't know what to do!!! :crybaby:
  2. the Timeless Clutch is a 1/4 the $ of your Reissue!? You paid $4K for the Reissue?
  3. i can understand your fiance disapproving you spending money on bags... do you want the clutch to use or just to have it? sometimes reading this forum heightens the desire to obtain a bag but it's not necessarily justifiable if you find yourself pulling it out to look at it every so often and paying money that can be better spent somewhere else...
  4. Oops sorry, I must have calculated wrongly, I think it should be 1/3. I paid close to USD2700 for my reissue:tdown: Sg Chanel is just so overpriced!!!
  5. I think you should get what you want as long as it is within reason. Can you use the clutch during the wedding weekend?
  6. I agree 100% with what kaori said! :yes:

    shiny_hair, your fiancee's probably under a certain amount of stress with the upcoming wedding. Since it sounds like he hasn't been supportive of your purse habit so far, it might take a while for him to accept your new hobby. :sweatdrop:

    If it's possible, put the funds aside for the moment into savings and wait until after your wedding to decide whether you really need the clutch. Yes, the price might be a little steeper, but you might find that your desire for the piece will die down...
  7. shiny hair: there, there. don't feel so bad. i can understand that you're sad, but if you buying another Chanel is going to upset your fiance, then you probably should pass on it for now. obviously your fiance's feelings and your relationship should come first because a bag (no matter how gorgeous), is still just a bag.

    Sounds like your fiance is just feeling overwhelmed or concerned about the costs of the wedding, new apartment and new financial responsibilities. Once the wedding's over and you guys settle into your new life, maybe he'll feel more comfortable with you purchasing the occasional bag? I think its just a temporary situation, and look at it from the bright side...the timeless clutch will still be there when you're ready! Hope this helps and that you feel better soon! ;)
  8. I would definitely use the clutch!!! I only ever buy bags (esp the expensive ones) I can and will use. I may not use it as often as my reissue, but I will definitely use it.

    I know what you mean, when I first started on this forum I wanted so many bags! But once I learnt to control myself, I would think long and hard before putting that kind of money down on a bag. Which is why I am not getting the luxe bowler now even though I reaally want it and know I would get a lot of use out of it, cos I simply can't afford it right now. But I can afford a timeless clutch.
  9. Yup definitely can use the clutch during the wedding weekend, on the honeymoon, everywhere else... :p
  10. ITA, couldn't have said it better. i have bought bags that were hyped up here on the board for the sake of owning Fiance has banned me from buying chanel as well. but i have 10 now, and i only started in feb.
  11. If you really want the timeless clutch there are definitelty some ways to justify it. First, its "timesless" and you will use it forever. Take it to dinner and out partying and even run around with it during the day so your fiance sees that at least you are getting your money's worth. Second, Tell him you would really like to use this clutch for your wedding functions, i.e. your shower and rehearsal dinner. Also, you can tell him that you will be getting plenty of money for your wedding presents so not to worry. Hope that helps!
  12. Thank you for the words of comfort :smile: He doesn't spend so much on any one thing himself, and his hobbies/interests don't cost a lot compared to my new hobby hehe.. That's why I think he doesn't really understand. I tried to tell him that I wouldn't go crazy spending a lot on bags right now, that's why I was getting the clutch instead of a more expensive bag, but I don't think he understands and don't expect him to.

    He did tell me (as he does usually) at the end of the day, it's my money and if I want to buy it, he won't stop me. But I do think he would be kind of disappointed. ARGH.
  13. Thank you!! That was EXACTLY what I was thinking! The clutch isn't an impulse decision, and I know I will definitely use it and it won't just sit in my closet. But somehow I think he just thinks Chanel is a crazy and extravagant addiction and no matter how "worth it" I think the bag is, he will never feel the same way. :sad:

    But anyway I still have some time to decide, cos my friend is supposed to check if they have the clutch in Paris. I will keep you gals updated! Thanks for the support everyone :heart:
  14. I would get the white clutch and you can use it for your wedding...then it becomes a special bag that really has sentimental value...wonder if this reasoning would work;)
  15. Awww ... feel better and hope everything works out for you!