My feet appears weird in the python helmut

  1. hi ladies
    i grabbed this pair of python helmut last week.. it's really nice since i'm longing for a python heels for a long time.. but my feet appears "twisted" in it, do u think so? or it's like this on wearing helmut?
    my feet is wide and normally wears 38.5 for CL, 38 for manolo
    i picked 37.5, 38 is too long and 37 is too small..
    thanks :yes:
    louboutin-python-me-1-1.jpg louboutin-python-me-2-1.jpg
  2. i would get the larger size and try using heel grips to keep your feet from sliding out. those don't look too comfortable around your toes...
  3. I think the helmuts look weird to everyone when they are worn, I think the same thing when I look down at my feet, but I always get tons of compliments when I wear them so I guess from a different perspective, they look better.
    Those are beautiful!
  4. This stlye runs very big, so I had to size down 1 full size. Sounds like you made the right decision with the size, I also wear a 38.5 in CLs, and my helmuts are a size 37.5
  5. those are hot!
  6. first off these are gorgeous shoes. They are one of the best CL styles in my opinion.

    Its not clear to me from the pictures but are your feet falling out in the front sides where the opening is? Are they wider than the insole? If so then they might be very uncomfortable for you in the long run. However if thats not the case then please keep them unless your foot is really squeezed in. When I wear mine my feet look sqeezed but they are not and infact quite comfortable.
  7. i love the helmut style and with python, wowza!!!
  8. I totally agree! You look amazing in the helmuts. They are one of my favorites out of all mine.
    Your feet do not look weird, its just the cut of the shoe that makes everyones feet seem odd, thats what makes them so unique. Here are mine on...
  9. It looks as if they are too narrow. They don't look comfortable. (Gosh I'm sorry, I hope that doesn't sound rude, I certainly don't mean to).
  10. I think this shoe is beautiful! Though it does look a little snug, I'm sure after a few wears it will stretch a little and be perfect...:p
  11. People with wide feet cannot and should not wear this style. Very few can wear these correctly without their feet hanging off. I happen to be one of the few that can wear them. Everyone from celebs to regular folks, their feet are too wide. But if you think they look good on you, go right ahead. I wonder how dirty your feet will be when you get home after wearing them. We all suffer for fashion right?
  12. does look a bit squished...maybe going a 1/2 size out would be good. congrats on the shoes!
  13. I think they look a little tight. But I also think that the cut of the shoe just can look weird on your foot regardless of how it fits.
  14. thanks ladies for your comment. :p
    i'm still stuggling whether i should return it or not. maybe CL doesn't mean for my wide feet.. my first pair is red docoltissimo (sth like that) and my feet hurts after 2 hours of wearing it.. maybe i got to stick to manolo and choo..
  15. The cut of this shoe is unforgiving. I love the way it looks and would like to one day have a pair. Maybe you can try another size?