my Eva :(

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  1. I went out last night and while i was in the bathroom a girl poured her drink inside my purse :sad: and YES SHE DID IT ON PURPOSE. why would people do things like that ?? my friend saw her too. it wasn't like she was drunk and that was an accident. she poured her entire drink inside the purse. why would people do things like that??
  2. Why would you leave your bag where someone could do this, and left open?

  3. WHAT?!?! I would have :lecture:the crap out of her!!!!!!!!!!
  4. because people are petty, jealous b*tches. did you slap her? i would have. security would have had to drag me out of the place.
  5. Only "you" can be liable for your stuff. Its up to keep your valuable stuff with you. Did you ask her why she did this ?
  6. Oh my, I can't believe what she's done! What did you do? I would be really mad and would ask her to pay for the damages.
  7. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: you go!!!
  8. LOL me too!!!!!!
  9. omg, wtf? where was your bag when she did this? I would have made here VERY SORRY that she did it, that's for sure!
  10. Unbelieveable... Poor you. If you got stains, use magic eraser for the inside, worked with my noe. My DS poured a Banana Shake in it... But accidentialy.

  11. Ditto ... me too. I would make sure she would have a black eye before letting her get away with it. Something for her to remember the incident. :graucho:
  12. How was your bag open where she could do this? What she did was horrible
  13. OMF Dayzzz... security would of had to Wrestle me to the ground after I drop kicked the b***ch [​IMG]
  14. :shocked:

    Where were you when this was going on?
  15. I'm sorry this happened! Lesson learned never leave your stuff behind unattended! Sorry but doesn't sound like your friend is much of a friend either! I assume you left your Eva with her and she allowed it to happen!