My dog's obsession!

  1. Some of you may remember my thread about adopting Sasha (previously Crystal) from the RSPCA Rescue. She has been with us 8 weeks now and is very loved - a real member of the family.

    In the past, I have always owned dogs who were totally obsessed with food. Sasha is not and this has taken some getting used to, though she will eat her dinner. Sasha's obsession is squeaky toys and balls. Giver her a squeaky ball and she will play with it for hours.

    The pic below is of Sasha with her absolute favourite toy - the Cuz. She will sit staring at it like that until I give her the signal, or throw it for her.

    Hope it makes you smile :tup:
    sasha & cuz04-11-07reszie.jpg
  2. OMG, I love that pic! SOOOOOOOO cute!
  3. ha ha - thats so cute
  4. Is she a Shepherd?
  5. Look into my're getting sleeepy.....

    She's looks like a sweetheart.:yes:
  6. Yes Ladybug, a five year old. Rescued 8 weeks ago from the RSPCA shelter. She is wonderful.

    Pics below are from the first time we took her out for a walk at the shelter...
    09-09-07Crystal2 resize.jpg 09-09-07 crystal look resize.jpg 09-09-07crystal resize.jpg
  7. How cute! Thanks for sharing. :heart:
  8. That's so cute!!! My pup is obsessed w/ food but there is one toy in particular she can't live without! It's just a small version of a tennis ball. But this is practically the only toy that she doesn't get bored of! If only I knew this when we got her, I would have saved lots on other toys that she is bored w/ so quickly. We buy lots of these just incase she wears one out and needs another. Seriously - i have like 15 of these little tennis balls on standby.
  9. Cute photos!
  10. AWWWWWW HAHA!!! that pic is too cute
  11. Sasha is so painfully cuteeeeee (i'm gritting my teeth right now)!!!
    adorable faceeee, cute cute cute cute cute!!!!!
  12. awww it's like a staring contest!! so cute!! Sasha is beautiful!
  13. She's beautiful TheLace!

    My Newfoundland/Golden Retriever was also ball-obsessed when she was younger, and our terrier (ACD/JRT cross) MUST have a soft plush toy to greet vistors with (if she doesn't have one, she'll give them a shoe or whatever she can pick up) or she won't greet them.

    I am VERY pleased you adopted her too. Older, larger dogs are often passed up for adoption. I am so against breeding more dogs when so many end up dying in shelters. Sasha and you are one lucky family!
  14. She is so cute, lol. Love all of the pics you posted.
  15. thelace my mom found those toys a couple of years ago and my older dog loves them. She got two because she thought they were cute. Well between both dogs they have chewed off the ears and legs and are on to the second. She went back and got more because it's the new pacifier. I don't know what it is but my dog definitely has the same obsession. In his mind the toy ranks higher than food.