My doggy ate my Balenciaga!!

  1. :cursing: I came hope from class to find that my dog ate chunks out of my tassels. I love my ink twiggy so much. I almost felt a little guilty for caring THAT much about my bag! It did come with extra tassels, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to use them for a while. I can't believe she really tore a large chunk of tassel from the mirror and ate it. She has never done anything like this, and my purse was on top of my coffee table. It is almost too high for her. Oh well, I guess I learned a lesson today. :confused1: It's eternal time out for Holly Golightly!! :shrugs: It's too hard to stay mad when she gives me that innocent puppy look!
  2. I am sorry Impasto, maybe your doggie is jealous :P Fortunately there is no other harm on the bag and now you can get extra tassel from BalNY :yes:
  3. thank god your dog was considerate enough to not gnaw on your bag!
  4. ooops I posted this in the complete wrong section. LOL I'm tired. I stayed up all night finishing up a couple of papers that were due today. Yeah I thought about calling BalNY, but all of these forums stories scares me off. I didn't get my bag from them, I got it from Elizabeth*Thomas. I don't want to explain that too them and have them balk at me for even suggesting they would sell me tassels.
  5. hey you know what? at least he didn't bite the actual bag... NOW that would be heart breaking!

    my doggy LOVES to chew on my clothes... *___*" I come home and i would find somthing of mine all sweaty and chewed up >_<"
  6. Have you been "petting" your Twiggy? ;)
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. at least tassles are replaceable!!!
  9. All the time, but I always make time for Holly too!

    Here she is.
  10. So cute!!!!:love:
  11. I don't think BalNY cares where you bought the purse. I think they'll sell tassles to anyone, won"t they?
  12. Yeah Rondafaye from what I read it depends on the SA you get on the phone. I'm really bad a bout taking no for an answer and giving up.
  13. Me too. I'm such a wimp. BTW, Impasto, I love the bags in your avatar. What scrumptious colors.
  14. OH!!! Well, at least it's just the tassels! You can defintely order more of ink ones!
  15. Thanks Ronda! I will probably get rid of the blueberry city, because I want the French Blue for this spring and my SO will not let me have it based on the fact I have two other blue balenciagas! I also want a Kelly Green bag as well to mix it up!