My daughter's friend's mum is 58, can she wear Graffiti?

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    My daughter's friend's mum called me tonight, she knows I wear LV a lot. She asked me could I possibly help her to get the Graffiti & did I think she was too old to carry it. What a position to be put in!

    I told her if she wanted to have it to go for it. Was I right or is she too old? She dresses well & looks the part, doesn't look her age at all! After I put the phone down I thought can an almost 60 year old woman really carry this off?

    I am not into mutton dressed as lamb, I believe in growing old gracefully although don't know how I will ever do that, LOL!
  2. If she "looks the part" I think she can wear it -- It really depends on attitude, not age, IMO.
  3. I agree with you ... if the mom is hip and fashionable then she can totally rock it! It all depends on how she carries herself!:yes:
  4. Definitely, I mean Madge is 50 and is rocking it !
  5. I think it depends more on the person than the persons age as well. Look at Madona - she is 50 and it looks great on her!
  6. Oh she looks great, I suppose I have such a fear of old age that I look at numbers too much, almost 60 just freaks me out!
  7. Oh - I posted at the same time!
  8. Age doesn't dictate what bag one should carry, it's personality!
  9. Haha, post twinsies !
  10. when I think of that bag I see a younger person but as others said it just depends on the way she dresses and acts... if u want u could nicely advise her on a more serious bag probably the roses speedy... but it's her desicion if she feels comfortable with it then great :biggrin:
  11. why not? my aunt is all about crazy flashy things...she's about that age too. it's just her personality
  12. I would mention there is a Roses collection too? My mother is 50something, she loves LV but I just can't see a Graffiti on anyone over 40...
    HOWEVER, if she LOVES it and wants to rock it, do it.
  13. I think it would be great on her if she has that type of personality!
    My mom is in her 60s now and she says that she needs things bigger and brighter so that she can see them. LOL.........might just be an excuse for new jewelry.
  14. i must remember to use that when i'm 60:graucho:
  15. I say do it!!! If she has the look and confidence, she can totally rock it!