My collection!

  1. I love it!! Thanks for showing
  2. Feri:
    Thanks! I love the funny face more and more!:biggrin:
  3. HermesvsChanel:
    You love it? Get it~~~:yahoo:The Luggage IRF is much nicer!
  4. Nice collection. Your Celine bag is gorgeous:smile:
  5. MrsTGreen:
    Thank you.:p I love my all Celine bags, but now love Luggage most.:biggrin:
  6. Oh, what a nice collection! :tup: I especially love the beige (?) bag on 1st pics, in the middle... oh, love at first sight! Do you have detailed photos about this one?
  7. Hi! Nutcracker!!! oh, it's Celine's boggie. Well, I have to explain each bag, because some of them are not so popular.:biggrin:


    I'ts not beige. It's Cream(.-.)? If it looks like "beige" it is probably because the bag's got grubby!:biggrin: The bag was at least 2 years old. The boggie line was discontinued, say about 2 years ago, perhaps. I still love boggie!
  8. Nice collection, I especially love the Dior and the Chanel :smile:.

  9. Ahhh, also the details are beautiful & sophisticated! And I bet the leather is soooo soft!
    Sorry that I didn't recognize it, but I am not very good in bags :blush: (I mean: not yet :biggrin:)
  10. **Chanel**:
    Thank you!:biggrin: Each one is my ONLY Dior and Chanel.:sweatdrop:
  11. Nutcracker:
    Not because you are not very good in bags. It seems Celine is not popular at all in the US. They have only three stores - two in NY and one in Hawaii?

    Tbh, I can't say I am VERY good in bags. I purchase just one or two only when I find a bag which I can love. My rule is only buy desginer bags. They are more expensive, but they worth the prices.;)
  12. Nice collection!
  13. Lovely collection, and the Chanel new lock is to die for. Thanks for sharing.
  14. HermesvsChanel:
    Thank you! :biggrin::p;)
  15. Catdance:
    Thank you!:biggrin: I love The New lock, but the chains are bit heavy...:smile: