My Coach is better than your Coach...

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  1. I fell in love with Coach when my MIL gave me one a year ago and I find myself often on Ebay looking for new cute ones. I moved into an area where there are a lot of people that are well off (or maybe more well off than I am lol) and EVERYONE carries some form of Coach purse.

    When I buy a purse I buy because it appeals to me and if it is what I think is a good deal even better. I am not an experienced Coach buyer if I see something I like I try to research it to see if it is a good deal, I swear I think that fun of the hunt may be even better than getting the purse:graucho:

    I often wonder if the women that are in my area, especially at my kids school laugh at my probably older purses, not that I care but I am drawn to older signature bags and factory ones. there a Coach "elite" out there that look at a bag and say oh that is old, or because all the bags are awesome in some way is it okay to love older or "vintage" purses? :P
  2. Out there? Ha! Just hang around here...there's a lot of cyber snobbery right on this forum!

    I say buy & wear what you love, and to h3ll with what anyone else thinks!
  3. +1.....
  4. Agreed!
  5. Yeah I agree, forget what others may think. Buy what you love, and enjoy them! There are all sorts here. People who can afford the latest and people who search for great buys to rehab and make beautiful again. All that matters is that you enjoy what you have!
  6. I love each of the purses I buy, and carry them proudly even though they are not the cool new thing :smile: I never thought about rehabing until I came on here, my curiosity is defiantly peaked!
  7. I never get compliments on my vintage bags, except on this forum. I'm usually surprised by which bags get compliments when I'm out and about. It isn't necessarily the fanciest. Most people don't know which styles are new, except us, so I don't think anyone is laughing at my purse because it is older or MFF.
  8. I started collecting Coach not too long ago so most of my collection is "newer". But my most loved is the Willis, and very much love the classic collection.
  9. Do not worry about what anyone thinks. My bags are functional for me, appeal to my sense of style, fill a niche in my collection, and are bought exclusively for my taste to make me happy. It doesn't really concern if my bags are not a current style, an unpopular material or color, don't match my outfit, or too big (um, usually that). Not all of my bags are Coach or premier brands, I own plenty of very inexpensive handbags I enjoy quite a lot.

    My excuse is I'm eccentric....without all the money. ;)

  10. Amen!!!
  11. In my area I see a lot of women who carry one Coach bag for a long time. I haven't encountered too much Coach snobbery within the brand. Right now I am carrying the Stewardess bag which was first issued in 1977. Some of my favorites are a little older like the 2006 legacy line and the hamptons carryalls from the mid 2000s.
  12. I don't actually see much Coach around where I am, so I'm just exited to see a Coach bag at all when it does happen. The way I see it, if you love it, who cares what anybody else thinks! My bags make me happy, and I don't care if they make other people happy because they are mine, and I assume that other people feel the same way!!! lol! I didn't really notice any snobbery here, but then, I haven't been here all that long. :smile:

  13. Very true!
  14. My bags have to please me and no one else. Like Whateve, I never get compliments on my vintage bags either. I have less than a dozen bags and all get used regularly.
  15. Anyone that thinks my handbags arent good enough is free to buy me something they deem better.

    Whateve, your vintage collection is to die for!