My Classic Wallet's logo is coming off! :(

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  1. I've only had this for about two months and the gold logo is coming off! I don't know why it's so sensitive but I'm so upset that this is happening. For a wallet that is almost $600, you'd think this wouldn't happen so soon. :sad:

  2. oh noooo, so many companies I loved so much started selling bags which are falling apart.....this too :sad: Miu Miu bags are worse and worse quality, I can not recognize Mulberry any more, and now this ???? I am happy I have quite a number of oldies in my collection
  3. This is totally unacceptable especially in regard to the short timeframe of use. If you bought this from an authorized seller ( Saks, Barney's, Neimans, etc) and still have the receipt I would contact Saint Laurent directly.
  4. i have another YSL with an identical logo. although i dont use it on a daily basis, when i do use it, i avoid touching the logo at all costs. because it is stamped/painted on, and not an actual 3D logo, i do fear that sweat and other substances may cause it to lose colour. try contacting YSL. not sure whether it'd be covered...

    we had a similar problem with Ferregamo, where the metallic colour (entire wallet) came off a LOT. ferregamo blamed us for having sweaty hands...i mean how do you want me to hold the wallet? with gloves?
  5. They said I just have to get it fixed myself. Ugh.
  6. though?

  7. A leather repair place that will re touch the gold lettering. But I'm probably just going to leave it as it is. :/
  8. I wish my chyc cabas would last long