my christmas box! (peektures!!)

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  1. ok ok, i know christmas was last year but it has been a hectic season but my christmas delivery still brings a smile to my face when i relive the moment of opening it! :yahoo:

    like my birthday box, these are stuff that i have bought for myself with the help of my awesome girlfriend in new york :heart:, so they're more like presents to myself. but this time, i got some surprises along with my purchases!


    this large box arrived on the morning of 22 december. just in time for christmas! i like large boxes! :love:

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  2. yay!! I love reveals
  3. YAY!! Big boxes are the best and your friend in NY always seems to throw in some great extras. I can't wait to see what you got.
  4. yay we have audience! :yahoo:i'm bad at keeping secrets for reveals so this won't take long...

    first, the lid comes off!

    i have christmas pressies! :nuts:

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  5. beaoooootiful card made by her daughter, and red and green packages! :nuts:

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  6. woohoo......keep going!
  7. ooh I wanna see hurry hurry!! :nuts::yahoo:
  8. woohooo... a live reveal!!
  9. Yayyyyyyyyyy I'm here for a live one :biggrin:
  10. she knows i'm a snacker... so i have some great yummies from the US! lollies and chocolate goldfish! :yahoo:

    and my very own spider plush! :yahoo: some of my spideykids passed away in november, so this was very timely! :heart::heart:

    i was bowled over by my christmas surprise goodies! :love:

    now... on to the white coach dustbag! it will appear in many layers, like the last time. so don't think the reveal is over yet with the first bag! :graucho:

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  11. YIPPPEEE....I actually get to see a reveal. I always miss them. :popcorn:

  12. That was so sweet of her :smile:
  13. Ummmmm...I'm dieting...didn't need to see those Dots!:PLove the spider plush!
    Can't wait to see the rest!
  14. ok i realised i don't have a good teaser pic of the first bag... so here it is! the floral tote that i bought for my mom for her birthday! :wlae:

    but... there are more things in the tote! :graucho: do you see the brown dustbag?

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  15. Awwwww!!!!!!!