My Chocolate Matinee... Should I keep it?

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  1. I can't decide... I love it because it's adorable and you can't find it anymore. But, not sure if I need it. Help!!:confused1:
  2. if you absolutely love it, i would keep it. but if your havin second thoughts i woudl let it go.. cause when u love a bag u know its right!! and you wouldnt want to give it up. if your contemplating lettin it go u may not need another bag.. hope this helps!! :smile:
  3. It does, thanks. I just think someone else might love it more than me! I don't know how often I'll use it. Hmmmmmm....
  4. well i know exactly how u feel. i loved loved this color bag and love the original hardware so ialways contemplated gettin it. but realistically i have so many brown bags.. i dont need another one.. so that was my reasoning behind it.. and if u dont think u will use it , it may not be worth it to keep it. u can get a color u desperatley want instead and know u will use and love!!
    besdies spring and summer are here .. so i would go with more of a lighter color if u are in need for a new bag!!
  5. ok, thanks!
  6. do u have pics of it?
  7. It's a beautiful color combo, but ultimately if you don't love it or don't think you'll get good use out of it - you should pass on it. You said you have other brown bags - how does this brown bag compare with the others you already had? Have you considered getting rid of one of your other brown bags? Just a thought.
  8. If you don't know if you want to keep it and you're not absolutely pressed for funds, just keep it until you *do* need the $$!
  9. I suggest keeping it! Its beautiful, HTF, and functional!