My Cerises got stolen!!

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  1. This has so not been my grandpa passed away so I went home to fix with his funeral and stuff wich was..horrible. Im back in Canada now but I have to go back home to Sweden again early june to fix some other things and I wont come back here til after X-mas :crybaby:
    And yesterday, me and my bf went to a party to celebrate that some of our close friends got engaged. And since I trust everyone at the party, I leave my little cerises pochette in the kitchen when I head to the bathroom. Silly me..I forgot it there for the rest of the night and when me and my bf are ready to go home I can't find it anywhere! :crybaby:

    Well i'm said to say it wasn't only me though. Another girl lost her Chloé Paddington..

    Im sorry for the long post..I just had to vent. It's been to much.
  2. That's horrible...since it was a party, I hope it shows up. I am assuming the host knows the guests and can make polite inuiries.
  3. I hope your Cerise Pochette finds its way back to you. :sad:
  4. Ugh, what's with these people stealing LV lately??? UGH!!
    I'm hoping your pochette gets returned to you, I don't know how someone could have a clear conscience after stealing someone's things.
  5. :sad: I hope your pochette is returned to you. Hopefully, the host of the party will be able to make some enquiries and encourage the return of the bags.
  6. I agree with everyone, hope they can find that thief:yucky:

    so sad for your grandpa too:sad:
  7. Oh no! :sad: I'm so sorry this happened to you! But I agree with what Tink said, since the host probably (*hopefully*) knew everyone at the party, your pochette might turn up soon!

    EDIT: Sorry, I was so sidetracked by the LV theft I forgot to add... my condolences for your grandfather's passing. **HUGS**
  8. That is terrible, I agree with the others, hopefully the host/ess will be able to ask some pressing questions into where your bag went. Good luck and keep us posted
  9. That's absolutely horrible. I hope the host can figure something out for you.

    My condolences on your Grandpa.
  10. OMG you've had a really crappy time lately I am so sorry for everything your going through & hope you get your bagback
  11. im so sorry to hear what has happened! i seriously can't believe that some people will go so low! i hope u find it!
  12. OMG so sorry to hear that and hope you will find it soon.
  13. Sad!!
  14. So sorry to hear about your grandfather. :smile:

    I cannot believe that someone would have the nerve at a house party to steal someone else's bags! :cursing: I hope the host will get to the bottom of this.
  15. I'm so sorry :sad: First your grandpa and now this? I really hope karma bites the thief in the back.