my best friend got a fake for!

  1. my best friend got a fake lv mc pochette for christmas. and it is VERY BAD! there are like... three colors. and there is a bow on it. :yucky:
    :wtf: I REALLY NEED HELP! i want to tell her.. but i dont want to hurt her feelings. we go to one of the richest public schools in california...(if not the nation...) and EVERYBODY has lv, chanel, gucci, prada (ive only seen ONE fake).. im afraid that if she carries it.. people will ridicule her! but if i tell her its fake.. ill hurt her feelings...
    i cant just tell her to not carry it...
    so.. what do i do?
  2. Well I think I would tell her gently 'cause if she gets made fun of (which is so ridiculous, but I remember HS) I would feel bad that I didn't say something before hand. Was the person who gave it to her a close family member or someone really close to her? I don't know, I might say something like, "I know you got that bag as a gift and it was so generous of someone to think of you, know you like bags, and pick something out for you but I have to tell you I don't believe it's an authentic LV. I really wanted to tell you before someone else, like a stranger or someone at school, decides to say something unkind."

    Thats the most gentle and straight forward way I could really think of how to tell her.

    Good luck.
  3. Take her to a LV boutique and while your there look at that particular handbag. This way you wont have to be rude and she figure it out on her own.
    Shame on the person that gave her the fake bag.:cursing:
  4. I personally wouldn't say anything straight up...:shrugs:
    Personally, if I had a friend who carried a fake, I'd just leave him/her alone because I don't want to hurt their feelings.

    Maybe you can convince her not to bring it to school...? Like "That is such an expensive gift, are you sure you want to bring it to school and get it dirty?"
  5. I wouldn't say anything. If other people are so rude as to comment, that is their business. You can be a good friend by exercising more tact than they.
  6. My friends and I can tell each other these things. Don't be afraid to tell her it's fake! If it was you, you would want to know too, right? I think people want to be tooooo polite.
  7. IMO if i had a fake and didn't know I'd want someone to tell me.
  8. hmmm.....that is a tough situation.... i have to think....
  9. No thought involved, if their a good friend tell them right off the bat. A good friend doesn't let a friend be embarrassed, and anyone who wears fake bags should be embarrassed, say something for sure!
  10. If she is surrounded by all this authentic stuff how is it that she doesn't know it is a fake? I'm just saying...

  11. okay, i agree with you! totally!
  12. Agree with Chad!!! Honesty between best friends should always be there, so if you don't tell her, you won't be doing your job as a good friend, IMO. ;)
  13. One of my friends had a fake once, that her aunt gave her. I tried to gently suggest that LV had never made that bag with a bow on it, and that it *might* be a fake, and she insisted that her aunt spoiled her and would only buy real LV. She insisted this right up until the bag fell apart....
  14. I would say it depends on who gave it to her.... her parents or her Boyfriend I might be worried but anyone else I would for sure tell her. It's better it comes from you then she gets made fun of at school. Unless your not that close.
  15. her aunt gave it to her.... i havent even seen it yet. but i asked her how many colors it had... and she could count them. (6)
    and she said it had a bow