My Belated 3 1/2 Reveal!!

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  1. Been wanting to do this reveal for awhile but the baby's keeping me REALLY busy! Well here it is. Can you guess what are in these dustbags? And there's also that little box in the middle...hehe
  2. Ok this is fun!!!

    A belt in the middle small box. A HAC 32 in the middle, beige dust bag, a 32 kelly on the left and 35 birkin on the right?

  3. open those dustbags! (and box)

  4. You scare me.
  5. I'll make this a really quick reveal as the baby is going to wake up any minute. We'll start from the left. Any guesses? Hint: it's VERY feminine. =)
  6. Take them all off please. :woohoo:
  7. Ooooh! Can't wait!
  8. A live one! YAY!! :yahoo:
  9. wow, xiao, you're pretty good! not quite but close!
  10. Ok, it's not 32, but a 28 fuschia ostrich kelly! I've got her tied up in the Tout en carre twilly in fuschia.
  11. What a feminine little birdy!
  12. Mommy, show us the toys :yahoo:
  13. :tumbleweed::popcorn:
  14. Oooh, pretty pink birdie!
  15. okok, moving on to the next one. Any guesses? Hint: color is close to the dustbag itself. Hehe