My Beauty is here!!

  1. Here is the newest add to my collection!!
    Raisin 35cm Clemence leather with Palladium Hardware

    Others in collection
    35 Birkin Gold/Gold Courcheval
    35 Birkin Black/Gold Ardennes
    32 Kelly Black Box - Vintage
    32 Kelly Croc - Vintage
    32 Plume - Barenia
    (not sure size) plume - white with greenish undertones


  2. Your collection is TDF!!! Love them all! Your new one is a beauty!
  3. wow..very very veryyyyy nice! Congratulations!!!
  4. I love your collection! I've never been a fan of the plume, but yours are beautiful!
  5. Your white plume is just delicious! Congrats on your new piece as well.
  6. Your new bag is gorgeous. And I just love your Plumes. You have a great collection.
  7. Great bag and great collection!!! What size is the plume!! So pretty - enjoy!
  8. Very pretty!!!
  9. You have a gorgeous collection and your new addition is stunning! Is your smaller plume maybe the plume elan? I LOVE that barenia plume--wow! :love:
  10. WOW...Great the croc...fantastic skins...congrets
  11. Oh....EVERYTHING is magnificent! I love it all....and your new baby is just beautiful in Raisin. Congratulations! I'm going to be staring at your "family" all day now and drooling!
  12. Fantastic collection!! Your Raisen is a superb addition. ENJOY!!:smile:
  13. What a gorgeous new Birkin to add to your stunning collection!! BTW, your smaller white Plume is a Plume Elan - probably a 28?
  14. Holy Hermes! Your collection is amazing! And your Raisin Birkin is absolutely stunning! Use them all in good health!
  15. Man, that raisin is beautiful (and quite the little family you've got there)