My BBags (and not only) reveal!

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  1. #1 Jun 18, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2016
    DSC04254.JPG DSC04257.JPG DSC04259.JPG DSC04261.JPG DSC04263.JPG DSC04264.JPG DSC04265.JPG DSC04268.JPG DSC04269.JPG DSC04273.JPG Good weekend to all!
    Finally I got my camera and stuff together and here we are ready for a reveal!
    All my Balenciaga bags are pre-loved, I am relatively new to the brand but after reading all your lovely posts, comments and reviews I decided to start with the best - Chevre and selected years of lambskin, so I had to look at the secondary market, but all of them are in a very good, barely used condition, with no scuffs or marks, so I am happy having them the way they are.
    Brand new items in my small collection are only the bracelet and the wallet, but I am sure they are not the last ones! (I know, it's a slippery road!)
    I got my sandals unworn/new, but from an outlet, so no proper tracking of the year/colour reference
    Day Hobo, Chevre, Emerald Green 2006,
    Another Day, grey-ish green or green-ish grey, still trying to identify the colour
    Chocolate Brown calfskin Papier A3 tote
    First in Outremer blue, 2010
    Sandals, both brogue style
    Weekender, Chevre, Siena 2007
    Wallet ME, Bracelet all silver studs, both Chevre, 2015
    Street in Rasin, Lambskin, 2009
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  2. This is AWESOME ksuromax!! CONGRATS to you! Love seeing all your Bal pieces, as they are all great. I'm not going to be selfish, so I'll just ask for your Outremer First & those blue sandals! I'm lusting over both of them! Did you just create your album since tPF did the upgrade this week? I think most of us (or at least in my case) lost our albums that we created before the changes made to tPF.....sure hope they will be restored soon!
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  3. thanks :smile:
    well, if one day I decide to part with them, i'll let you know! lol
    Yep, mine is gone, too, link is there (in my signature) but the album is not available anymore.
  4. I. Just. Died!!! Gorgeous!!! I just want to reach out and grope the leather on those bags. Enjoy them!! ❤️❤️❤️
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  5. you made me laugh :smile:))))
    that's exactly the reason why I have 2 Day hobos - I just could part with either, both are incredibly yummy, so I had to keep both (thank god they are different colours!)
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  6. I love it ALL. Especially the outremer blue First (which Kendie and I will famously fight over again!), You are off to an excellent start! I am respectfully envious of your collection :smile:. Enjoy! (How will you decide which one to use today?)
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  7. Hey hey hey little sister friend- me no thinks so!! I called it first!!
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  8. Lovely !!! I love the Day !!

  9. it's a very tough decision, so I usually start in the evening... lol
    apart from these I have a number of Pradas, another number of Bottegas, and some other brands... so, yes, it's a tough decision :smile: but I am up to this challenge :smile:
  10. I was worried a bit about the shoulder strap of the First, but surprisingly it turned out to be neither too short, nor too long, but perfectly right for me,
    I guess they do a lot of anatomical research before they define the size of the model, it sits very nicely under the arm, and colour is lovely, too....
  11. Your collection is FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much for sharing....I am just dying here over your blue First. :smile:;):rolleyes:

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  12. Thank you!
    Who would tell it would be such a hit??? And i was so unsure asking the eternal question - to buy or not to buy??
  13. Wow, wow, wow!!! What a haul! You have some amazing pieces, love them! Congrats!!!
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  14. Thank you :smile:
  15. Fab haul! Love them all, congrats!