My Bbag babies - after 3 months of bbag addiction!

  1. It's hard to believe that I bought my first bbag just 3 months ago! I've owned bags from almost every major designer (no Hermes yet!), but I've never found any other to be as addicting as Balenciaga!

    In the last 3 months, I've bought 5 bags! :nuts: I need to slow down now before I go broke! I wanted to share my little bbag family with those of you who understand this addiction. :yes:

    My collection :heart:
    2005 Navy Twiggy
    2006 White City
    2006 Rouge Vif City
    2007 Cafe Whistle
    2007 Black Twiggy
  2. Love your collection Bagluver!!! Especially the Navy twiggy and Rouge VIP City!!! Im sure these won't be your last!:graucho: I agree though, my addiction to Bbags can't compare to other brand's!!!:sweatdrop: Congrats!!
  3. fab collection!! esp love your rouge vif- such an amazing color!
  4. mmmmmm Navy Twiggy!!!! Just lovely collection, a great base of staple colours! Congratulations!

    I wish you well,

  5. WOAH!! :nuts: Great collection! :tup: I think it took me twice as long (if not longer) to build up my collection to 5 bbags...they ARE addicting, but I wouldn't have it any other way! :p
  6. ahh! you have a navy twiggy! :nuts::drool: congrats! i started in aug/sep and i'm still saving up for a 3rd one only...when do you plan to stop, if ever? :p great collection!
  7. Thanks for all the nice comments! I just love looking at them and touching them! The Rouge Vif is my favorite!

    I plan to stop NOW, at least for a while. I just want to enjoy the ones I have for a while before I start buying more. After all, I can only use one at a time. :yes:
  8. wow, awesome collection ... I love the RT city the best!
  9. Fabulous collection, especially the rouge vif city!!
  10. Congrats! Great collection ... LOVE the Navy!
  11. WOW! You move fast in 3 months!!! Love your Rouge Vif! Don't you think it's such a lovely red! It's my favourite red =)
  12. ^LOL! I did kind of go crazy. It just occurred to me today that I did all this damage in just 3 months. :shame:

    And, yes, I agree that Vif is the BEST RED EVER! I love it!
  13. Gorgeous collection ... wow, can't wait to see your collection in a year! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Very nice bags. I too love the rouge vif. I have the work in it and its a fab true red.

    I really like your whistle bag too.
  15. Omg!!! Awesome!!!