My bag wardrobe



Hi guys, after seeing all of the gorgeous bags on here I've decided to post my own beloved yet humble collection. I like to try to keep my collection relatively small so that I use all my bags, but I'm not too successful :shame: But that's what eBay is for!

The first pic is of my tote bags - these are the bags I use the most. All of them are from Coach. The red one is a great big cinched tote that I use at school, the brown is a suede gallery tote that I use as an everyday purse, and the plum and burgundy one is a fun tote I've had for awhile that I use when I need a bit o color in my outfit :P

The second pic is of my slouchy hobo bags. The first bag I love - it's an oxblood hobo from Naturalizer of all brands. I got it for $30 last year on sale. It is made of beautiful soft leather with a braided handle - much more luxe looking than you'd think, plus I can take it out without worrying about it. The congac bag is from Banana Republic of course, it's a Bloomsbury bag, I'm looking forward to using this one in the summer. The black bag is from Coach and it's simply my ideal bag - simple, fun tassle, pretty hardware, and it slouches SO nicely when it's not full, looks nice on your shoulder. For a big bag it's quite easy to carry.

The third pic are my little bags and wallets. The wallets are all from Coach and are bright colors so I can find them easily. The burgundy wristlet is from Coach too. The two black evening bags are cheapies from Old Navy and The Limited - they serve their purpose well! And the red demi was a $20 steal at an Anthropologie sale. It's a fun going out bag.

The fourth pic are my LVs - my Epi pochette plus matching mini wallet and my Damier Alma plus Damier Ludlow wallet. The Damier set probably cost as much as my entire Coach collection, but I think I'll be able to use it for years and years. I feel so elegant when I carry these bags - they were a splurge but they were worth it :amuse:

I hope that you like my collection!



Jan 29, 2006
Oh, cute! I love how you have matching wallets with you LV's. Thanks for sharing! I always like to see what people have got in their closets.


Jan 8, 2006
thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!!! You've got a great selection of bags!!!! :smile:

I totally love your Epi pochette!!!! do you use this lots when you go out??? :smile:


Dec 13, 2005
Great colors!!! I love the red tote and the cognac bag from BR. Thanks for posting pics!


Thanks so much, everyone is so nice on this site! HelenNZ, I plan on taking the pochette out a lot but I just got it so I haven't had a chance yet. I want to use it as an evening/going out bag.

IntlSet - do you ride dressage?


Nov 1, 2005
I love the red bag in the first picture! Lovely collection, and thanks for sharing!


Dec 8, 2005
great bags! love the damier alma and red coach, but also the really nice cognac colored bag from banana....very cute!
Mar 22, 2006
Southern CA.
Very nice collection! I really like your totes and the Naturalizer hobo. Have you started using your Bloombury yet? I have the same one and I use it all the time. Thanks for sharing your pics. :amuse: