**My bag came :( and it's GREEN, so sad!**

  1. Hi everyone, *SIGH* so I bought an Olav PM off eBay because I got it at a great price. Long story short:

    . The listing mentioned the canvas was a different color (listing said to LOOK at pictures to see it)

    . I did, all i saw was black on the corners

    . I get the bag and half of the bag has a GREEN tint. Totally different color than the other half

    . Seller responds back to me with, " Sorry I think you misunderstanding.I copy my eBay description that
    Please see my description,
    This used bag is made in France. Please serious to check the photo this bag is a used
    bag and the side leather piping is find used marks and the damier colour is changed."

    . She said to CHECK photo, well i did, her photos don't show any green.

    I'm going to post my pics and then her pics to show the difference. What should I do you guys? All I want to do is get my money back, go straight to the store, and buy the bag.

    Here are a couple pics...... i'm pressed for time because i need to go to class, but i'll try to upload the seller's pics before or when i get back.
    IMG_1444.jpg IMG_1440.jpg
  2. HER pics. The last pic shows black scuffing, and that's what I thought she meant by "discolored canvas" Her pics didn't show the green.
    uglyolav.jpg uglyolav2.jpg uglyolav3.jpg
  3. its true.. I saw the listing for this bag and the pics looks very different from Gary's =[ Settle a dispute if she refuses a return =] let us know how it goes.
  4. yhea...ask for a refund...let us know the outcome..:tup:
  5. oh my goodness - that's horrible! if you paid for the bag via paypal, then file a buyer complaint with them and they will more than likely refund your money. tell them that the seller misrepresented the item using false advertising to lure unsuspecting eBay buyers.
  6. i am so sorry. that is just weird to get that green tint like that, hope you get the resolution from the seller. I know this seller is a my pouppette member and she should sell authentic stuffs, but if you are not happy with your purchase, you should get your money back ..hopefully
  7. Thanks for the comments so far everyone. I've never had to settle a dispute before so I hope it'll work. It just sounds like she won't accept a return and she hasn't responded back to my second email. :sad:
  8. Oh no, sorry about your experience ... hopefully she'll give you a refund so you can buy a new one from the boutique! Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  9. for some odd reason my last post didnt go through... lol...

    anyways, what i said was i think you should DEF. get your money back...i can see the color difference. go get youself a brand new crisp gorgeous one at the store...it's such a beautiful bag.
  10. oh my goodness, that's the strangest thing I've ever seen! I wonder what on earth happened to it!!! I think you can file a dispute, saying the item was significantly not as described. Good luck!
  11. It looks kind of green on my monitor . . . (in her pictures). She also said the color had "changed." To me you can see it, and she did mention it. I probably would have asked a lot of questions with a description saying the "damier color had changed." I'm not sure it's significantly not as described unfortunately. I can see the greenish cast, so this might be a hard one.

    That said, Eva is really, really nice though. I bet if you nicely ask for a refund, she'll work with you. I've purchased 4-6 bags from her over the years and found her to be very kind and professional.
  12. Yes, I see a little green on her pics, too. I'd just ask her for a refund. I've heard a lot of people complain about the condition of her items, so I won't buy anything from her.
  13. My question is hoiw did that bag get that green, weirdest thing I have seen
    Is it authentic?
  14. Eeek, what happened to that bag? I hope you can get a refund but you might not win the SNAD, since she did cover herself by mentioning the colour had changed, although definitely not descriptively enough. I don't think the pictures are particularly good either, it does look a bit green but the light reflecting off the bag kind of distracts you from seeing it.
  15. File a dispute ASAP through paypal and see what she says. if she doesnt budge, escalate to a claim.

    But to be fair to the seller, I can kinda see green on her pics (but this is hindsight so I do not know if I would've picked that up before but I would have emailed the seller with questions) so i really do not know if you will win.