My Alignment Post....

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  1. Just wanted to let you all know that my mini sigs are all from the Outlet... and I just wandered if the large C rule applied to the mini sig....

    Sorry I started a commotion
  2. From what I've seen on the mini sigs, they are aligned but may seem not aligned on the seam. Which bags do you have? Do you have any photos?
  3. I have a wristlet that has the signature all over it and its lined up....
  4. You didn't start any commotion at all don't worry about it.

    In general, along the center of a Coach bag or wallet, etc... the C's will me symmetrical on each side and be mirror images of each other. (they are centered down the ... well, center :biggrin:)

    However, a lot of bags now aren't as aligned along the seams, so the C's might not match up exactly there.

    I hope that answers your question a bit, I know I'm not the best explainer in the world!
  5. It wasn't you, so don't worry about it. ;) As far as the c's, they are not always lined up... even on a Carly I have had in the past the c's were not lined up perfectly on the bottom.. it is nice to have them lined up but they are not always spot on.. kind of depends on the placement and that too. :okay:
  6. :tup:!!! I too have seen where the smaller c's do not line up as well as they do on the bigger c's. I would think it would be a lot more tedious:hysteric: for them (coach) to line up the tiny c's then the bigger ones.

    Hope we are able to help you!! :smile:
  7. Yup! That helped! Thank you! If you want to look at my mini sig stuff its all on my showcase! I agree with you you crazyforcoachbags... it probably is VERY time consuming to line up mini signatures.

    Thank you all again!
  8. ^Love your collection, we have the same mini sig coach agenda.
  9. I have a minisig bag from the outlet and mine are lined up on the front, well they are off like half a millimeter but I gues sonly I notice these things. But on the side they are not lined up at all but I know that bag is legit. I hope this helps you!
  10. thank you purse friendly! It is a GREAT agenda!