Multicolor Embarassment

  1. my hubby just bought me a white multicolore eliza and a white multicolore pochette mm for a school present. anyways i use my eliza everyday since i'm in college now and it's a shoulder bag, but i can't help but notice all the suspicious looks i get from people. i feel almost embarassed to be carrying it around. i know they all think it is a fake 'cause the LVs are upside down and what not. i wish there was a way i could tell them it was real, but no one has asked they just stare. has anyone else felt like this?
  2. Stares don't always mean people are thinking badly of you or what you have. Sometimes they're just checking out your bag (or in some cases, they may be jealous)! I do it all the time :yes:
    Anyway, just enjoy your bag, you know it's authentic and that's all that matters.
  3. that's true! maybe i am just being too self-conscious about it. i have wanted multicolore for so long!!:heart:
  4. Whenever I stare at someone's bag, it's because I'm admiring it. If I spot a fake, I instantly turn away.
  5. That is my behavior as well.:yes:
  6. Yeah, that could be true. They might just be admiring your bag.
  7. Don't even worry about it! They are probably just gawking at how gorgeous the bag is. If they think it is fake, well, what do their opinions matter to you? I'm sure the bag looks hot! Enjoy it and don't worry so much about what others are thinking.
  8. ^ITA Josephine SD & DesigningStyle!:yes:
  9. that makes sense. i hope that it the case. when i see a real one i usually smile at the person they'll look at mine then smile back. a fake i look away.:blah:
  10. Honestly, yeah, most people who don't know the brand probably ARE thinking it's fake but that isn't why you bought it, is it? You know it's real and that's what matters.

    Simply put, the "norm" isn't exactly for college students to be dragging around a bag that costs anywhere near that so can you blame them for the stares?

    Just wear it with confidence. You bought the bag because you liked it. Don't let what other people may (or may not) think about it bother you! Life is much too short and honestly, most of the time, people are much too worried about how they themselves look and what's going on in their own life to really care about what you are doing.
  11. feel good about your bag girl. and wear it proudly :smile:
  12. I also do the same. My eyes burn if I look too long at a fake. Girl, enjoy your bag. Only people that don't own LV think it would be fake anyways. So their opinions don't matter.

  13. hehehe!! the "norm"? that's funny. maybe they're looking at me the way i might look if someone in highschool had an hermes.
  14. feel confident, maybe they are looking cause they love it, again, as long as you know its real, and love it, all that matters...carry her with full-on pride! :heart:
  15. I do the same too. So, don't worry about people staring at your bag. They are probably just admiring how beautiful it is. And if others think it is fake, then it is really their problems/ignorance that they can't tell a real from fake. Who cares! Enjoy you bag! :yes: