Mulberry Seth

  1. Does anyone own a Mulberry Seth messenger bag? Do you reccomend it? I saw one today and thought it looked really nice! So I'm thinking about getting one ;).
  2. I love the Seth. I have a black Antony bag -- and I adore it. Seth is quite handsome too! Can't go wrong with a Seth! I think there's someone in the Mulberry gals who has a Seth and even posted a picture.
  3. I have a black Seth, which leads me to a thread I need to start...
    I love it because it is roomy and I can fit all my crap in it. I think it is cute as well.
  4. Thanks for your answers! :smile: I was originally thinking of buying the small Antony bag because I wanted a small messenger bag, but after seeing Seth... I don't know anymore! The Seth is a lot bigger, but I think it's also a bit more feminine.
  5. I would love a seth what colours do they come in?
  6. I've seen it in black and brown (chocolate), both beautiful! I just got one in black, and I love it! Very versatile and perfect for work or going out with the kids in the weekend.
  7. I saw one in a stone colour ,would that have been from the outlets?
  8. I know you have posted a photo of this in your "New Mulberry Family" thread but can you post a photo of your Seth on its own as I would like to see it too.
  9. Hi there, I'm at the same stage as you were here - Seth or Antony?!? I've heard lots of good words on the Antony & seen it are you getting on with the Seth? Is it huge or not really? Would you be able to post a pic of you wearing the bag?? I'd love to see it!! Thanks in advance:tup::tup:
  10. I'm sorry, my camera just broke so I can't take pictures of it. But - I love the bag and highly recommend it!:tup:
    It's not really that huge, and for me it's the perfect size. I allways carry a lot of stuff with me, and the Seth can hold all of it. But it's not too big either, and I like it better when it's not all filled up - it looks better when it's more flat shaped (if you know what I mean?) .
    I got the black one, but I saw a lady with a whiskey-colored one on the subway yesterday, and it was beautiful too.

    I think the Seth is much more feminine than the Antony, and I love the zipper at the top - it's quite decorative!

    That said, I'm getting the Antony next...;)
  11. Hi
    I am really keen on the Seth but have not managed to see one up close, only on the internet. I am interested to know of you can fit a4 documents inside?
    Thanks for any feedback!:smile:
  12. I just bought a chocolate Seth the other day at Bicester and I love it!
    It would fit A4 documents easily. Measurements are 44cms tall by 42 cms wide, it is flat though and wont fit many thicker items.
    I also own an Antony messenger in oak and Mitzy messenger in oak, but the Seth is my favourite of the three.
  13. have an oak seth that has never seen the lgiht of day as yet. but do love him. hes bigish but not deep
  14. see if these help at all .....
  15. if you need anything more specific just say ...