Mr. FedEx Stopped By...

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  1. and delivered a very special package. I swear I must have peeked out that darn window at least a dozen times this morning! I just couldn't wait to share my new H baby with all my PF gals:heart:

    I'll try to make this one short and sweet:

  2. Oh let me guess a 30cm Rouge Birkin w/phw:yes::tup:
  3. Ooh, good guess! I'm still on the hunt for that one. Here's another hint:

  4. F5!
  5. Gold! Is it gold?!:yahoo:
  6. ^Close!

  7. ahhhh, this is torture. Im happy for you, yet I hate you at the same time. J/K.

    But you must realize how painful this is for me to be happy for you? But I truly am. Congrats!
  8. I have a terrible monitor at work so cannot tell what color this is ! Am dying to see!!!!
  9. Is it barenia? My monitor is bad!
  10. Sorry, the photos came out a bit dark!

  11. Is that a HAC?
  12. Ding, ding! Yes!!!
  13. And a bit too small:lol:
  14. Introducing my 32 Natural Barenia HAC:

  15. Oh T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!