Moving Designer Bags Across Country


Jan 15, 2008
Here & There
Hi all! I need some advice from moving across country.... from East Coast to West Coast. I have a sizable collection of designer bags and accessories quite a few large boxes. Then of course my designer shoes.... AHH! I'm debating the best way to move them since the DH and I are shipping our cars and not taking any furniture.

My options are:
  • Ship them with the few items we are taking with us, with the moving company (we are thinking PODS? but still in the research phase)
  • Ship them FedEx or UPS which will probably be pricey and I will be concerned the entire time the bags are not with me, lol.
  • And the other is to check them in on our flight and keep excess at my parents house and just keep on taking bags with me every time I'm back in the East Coast. But still have nightmares about my bags getting stolen or having them lose my luggage.
  • Shipping them with our cars in the trunk. Again risky.

I'm open to suggestions as well, these are just what I thought of, off the top of my head. Anyone have experience with a long distance move... and our designer goods? :P
Oct 20, 2008
unless you have ridiculously expensive purses (i.e. exotic birkins) just have them packed and moved with your furniture. if you have pods, I think you provide your own lock so no one should be able to get in. I've done long distance moves a few times and this is the best, easiest, most convenient way. make sure you have good insurance coverage for peace of mind.


Easily tempted
Feb 27, 2007
New Hampshire
i definitely would not put them in the truck of the car.

i think the pod idea is safe, as well as putting them in moving boxes.. . but maybe i'd use special tape that shows if it's been broken open or not?

Also think you should insure all of them just in case!