Moroccan Baths

  1. Hi guys, was wondering how many of u here get a morrocan bath done.. i just got one yesterday ( havent had one in over a year) and i have to admit i felt soooo clean and fresh it was AMAZING!!!!!
  2. could you explain what you understand as a "Morrocan bath"? :shame: ... lol, I think I might have had one during my trip to Turkey to see the eclipse :p

    If it's what I'm thinking about (Hamam) it's absolutely HEAVENLY :love: really different at first as I didn't expect it to be so "rough" but I've never felt so clean in my entire life! I'm still looking for a good place to go here in Germany but haven't found anything yet :crybaby:
  3. Hey Baby boo, where do you go for maroccan bath? I would love to try but haven't found any decent place yet...
  4. Nooo! I was too afraid! hehehe and shy.
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of me in a bath with a sexy Moroccan hunk sponging my ... :love:
  6. can someone 'splain?
  7. i second that...whats a Moroccan bath?!!
  8. Yes please do.
  9. :popcorn:
  10. According to Google it's basically the same thing as a Turkish bath: soak, steam, exfoliation, massage, etc...
  11. ive never even heard of a turkish bath!!! where do places offer this...spas???!!!
  12. ^ Some countries have special bath houses for Turkish, Russian and apparently Moroccan baths, which are all basically the same thing. It's not even a spa-- all they do is "baths." When I googled it, I found authentic-sounding bath houses in NYC and Chicago as well as a spa in my area that offers different kinds of baths in addition to their normal spa services. Just google "turkish bath" and the closest city near you...
  13. sounds gonna have to check it out online!!! thanks!
  14. Maybe we are talking about a different thing, but while I was in Morocco I had the opportunity to go to one, I think someone mentioned a Hammam...that sounds right. Anyways It's where only women go and get bathed by women there as well as exfoliated, which is apparently pretty intense! Not sure if this is the same thing that happens in NYC etc.