More bags I love

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  1. Here are some more pics of bags that I've spotted that I think look irresistable. What does everyone think?:love:

    Dolce and Gabbana Drawstring shopper.jpg

    Tods D Bag Large.jpg

    Marc Jacobs Polina Hobo.jpg

    Hogan leather shopper.jpg

    Giorgio Armany leather hobo.jpg

    I hope I'm posting in the right discussion!
  2. I love the top 3 bags! Very pretty. If I had more $$$ I would have gotten a white bag...sigh.... there's always next year!
  3. Here are the names from top to bottom:

    DG Drawstring Shopper
    Tods D Bag
    MJ Polina Hobo
    Hogan Leather Shopper
    Giorgio Armani Hobo
  4. Love the polina!
  5. does anyone else think that third bag looks like marc jacobs ripping off hayden-harnett pretty hard? that hh bag has been out for a year at least it seems like...
  6. I like the Georgio Armani Hobo. Big enuf to throw everything in, great for a good long day of shopping!
  7. I just love DG and that first bag has nice lines. The Armani hobo would be the one I would chose though if you are using it now. Thats a great size!
  8. I love the DG bag too!! I wish the Giorgio Armani came in white--but the chocolate is gorgeous.
  9. maybe just a little....the mj bag has a few more details but the shape is definitely the same
  10. I looked at the HH Havana Hobo and it is very similar to the mj Polina. I like the gold hardware and where its placed on the mj bag better. But both are equally beautiful.

    hayden harnett havana.jpg

    Marc Jacobs Polina Hobo.jpg

    Here are both to compare--Which one has softer leather?
  11. ITA!
  12. I've been wanting that MJ Polina Hobo, but in a Brown color. I saw one on the BG website, but that one doesn't look like it has the flap on the front. Unless it's how much the bag is stuffed. I can't tell... How much is the HH bag going for? And does anyone know if it comes in Brown?
  13. I can't comment on the HH bag, but here's another photo of the MJ Polina Hobo in nutmeg so you can get a better idea of the front flap part.

  14. Thanks:biggrin: ..the one on shoptwigs is a lot less, too - $795 vs $950 at BG...
  15. My pleasure... I thought there was something wrong there, since the one on shoptwigs is called the "small Polina" and is less expensive. However, it and the one on the BG site claim to have the same dimensions. Weird.