Monroe Piercing?

  1. Hello!
    i didnt know if this is the right place to post this but neh :smile:
    I'm concidering getting a monroe Piercing
    Definition: A Monroe piercing, is a piercing in the part of the face between the top lip and the nose but on the side of the face. It is typically meant to resemble a beauty mark.

    What do you all think of them?
    Anyone who has a monroe is it easy to look after?

    Please tell me what you think :smile:
  2. Personally, I wouldn't use my face as a pin cushion. But if you love the look, go for it.
  3. Yea i know what your saying , on one hand i want to see what it looks like and on some people it looks sorta nice , but on the other hand i don't want to look weird. >_<
  4. I think the monroe piercing is cute looking.
  5. It looks cute on some people, and not cute at all on others...

    Maybe you should test it out first by gluing one of those fake jewel/diamond things where it would be to see heheh Also, I would be cautious depending on your age and what will be acceptable to employers.
  6. I'm 15 in a few weeks :smile: I have stuck a little gem on my face the other day(lol) were i was concidering to get the piercing and i thought it looked nice , so did my friend , If i did get it done i have found a site that does sell "Invisible" basically clear Labrets, So i could wear that when i get a job and for school and such
  7. I wouldn't pierce anything on my face. I have several ear piercings & a couple of tattoos but they are hidden. If you pierce something on your face, won't you always have a little whole or even a scar for the rest of your life? I really wouldn't do it. Be nice to your pretty face!
  8. I heard that you don't have a mark left , I have tried to research it and the more i hear it sorta puts me off, I think i might just leave it , I would hate it if i got it and then hated it after a while and then i was left with a nasty mark :yucky:
  9. I agree, you have to have the right face. Another thing to think about is the scar it will leave behind if you decide you dont like it anymore.
  10. Heh i just googled some stuff About Monroe piercings and scaring , If i get it done i hope that i have researched enough about it to keep it clean and hopefully if i chose to take it out it wouldnt leave a really bad scar. But i'm still sorta unsure.
  11. Oh and thanks everyone for your opinions :smile: I really appriciate it!
  12. I've seen that before. I guess you have to really consider your lifestyle, career plans and any reaction you might get from people you know (and don't know).

    If everything seems to "fit" then this may be the way you want to express and accessorize yourself. If you have any doubts, though, I'd pass and get a piercing that was less controversial.
  13. Not a fan. Perhaps you can try something else?
  14. I think it can be cute, but if you do go ahead with getting one, make sure: 1.) You do so with your parent's permission, 2.) You have had your Hep B shots, 3.) The piercing place is hygienic, and 4.) You're okay with the possibility that the piercing may leave a permanent hole (albeit tiny) in your face if you choose to take it out later.

    About that tiny hole: when I was sixteen, I had the part of my ear near the upper cartilage pierced. I stopped wearing an earring in that hole about ten years ago, but the mark is still there. Since the mark is on my ear, it doesn't bother me, but it would DEFINATELY bug the hell out of me if it was right above my lip.
  15. Yea i'm really worried atm about it leaving a mark, I still have a few years of school ahead of me (Alot of people do have piercings at my school so that is fine) But as most people have said it's when it comes to getting a Job aswell, Several people i know have been rejected from working at small stores for having Too long hair or having piercings. I'm really unsure:sad: Cause if i don't like it if i have it done and then end up with a scar i'm screwed. >_<. Thanks again everyone for the advice :smile: