Monogram Strap wear and tear?

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  1. Hi All :smile:
    Would anyone know about the wear and tear with a canvas strap?
    I'm thinking of purchasing one and I'm hesitant about how long it will last/cracking?

    & what are your opinions of this strap when paired with the Favorite & Pochette?

  2. I have a mono strap. It's the thinner one of the two you can buy. I'm not sure if it's the one in the picture, but it comes with the shoulder guard thing. I use it on my mono favorite mm, Metis hobo when I want crossbody, and even my mono speedy bs when I don't want the vachetta strap. I've had it over a year and see no wear. I love it.

    In a similar thread asking about this strap I did post pictures.
  3. I have one with the shoulder guard and SHW. It still looks new.
  4. Is it worthwhile keeping the shoulder strap on with your bags?
  5. How long have you had it for? :smile:
  6. Over a year.
  7. Are the edges rolled in like the one pictured or does yours have edge varnishing? I'm considering ordering a strap from after I get another preloved Keepall B without the strap, because I don't plan on getting a replacement VVN strap from LV because the patina won't match and I'd like to order the most durable one because I plan on using the heck out of this Keepall.
  8. I will have to look when I get home but it's the strap that came with the SS15 runway V tote
  9. Okay thanks!

  10. I purchased mine about a month ago and have used it only a few times as a crossbody strap for my Ramages pochette. I noticed that some of the edge varnishing is peeling off. I'm actually headed to LV later this week to look at some of the new releases, and I plan to take my strap in to show it to my SA. I'm not sure if it will be considered normal wear and tear. I'll be happy to post a follow-up after my visit.

  11. What do you mean? Keep the vachetta straps as well? I kept them. It's a different look, you can always switch them around.
  12. I have that strap, use it on both of my Mono bags and love it. Had it about 6 months , no sign of peeling , it's comfortable and adjustable for any desired length.

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  13. Sorry, I mean't comfort wise :smile:

  14. I took mine in tonight and my SA is ordering a new one for me as a replacement. She said it's not normal and happily offered to exchange mine.
  15. I bought one last February and love it!! It's in great shape very comfortable on shoulder or cross body. I use it with my pochette and speedy b - great strap to have!!! Highly recommend it!
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