Monogram multicolore pochette--white or black!?

  1. :smile: Hi girls! I'm new here and need some advice. I have 3 speedy's -- speedy 30 in damier azur, speedy 30 in damier ebony, and speedy 25 in monogram. I also have the Neverfull GM, monogram pochette and Damier ebony large sized agenda. I never loved the multicolore but I am looking for a new pochette and already have a lot of damier. My mom thinks the multicolore is childish but I think it's fun for a nighttime bag. I never considered the black but now I can't decide-- so help me! - white or black??? thanks!
  2. I love the black
  3. Black is much better looking and perfect for evening! Have fun shopping!!
  4. i love the black!
  5. I was looking at the pics of the MC Pochette wallet on eLuxury a little while ago and asking myself exactly the same thing. Tough choice! I think I would want to see a bunch of them in front of me and it would come down to the best colour placement - one that jumped out as simply the best looking (to me!).
  6. Welcome! :welcome:

    I like the MC Pochette in black... it stands out more IMO.
  7. I have to agree. I love the black!
  8. if you'll be using it for evening...then black...
    for daytime..i like white more...
  9. i love black!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Very good idea! I'm leaning towards the black. it is probably a better choice for evening--thanks everyone! :smile:
  11. I personally prefer MC in white.
  12. I have both! LOL
  13. white gets my vote.
  14. I currently have the same dilemma as you :wondering... But I pick white for now...
  15. I prefer white one too