Monogram Bronze - Pre Fall 2007-2008 Bag

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  1. Visited LV today. Previewed the all the new bags, the Monogram Degrade, Motard and some of the bags at Chuvane's flickr site.
    What fancies me the most was the Monogram Bronze, its like monogram but the LV signs are embossed and its bronzy leather, 2 bags i saw. Its like the pochette and a hobo type ( was in their lookbook) £1,285.00.

    Unfortunately, they did not allowed me to take photos.

    Pictures (I promise) will follow soon as prefall collection brochure will arrive in my mail about 5-6 days.

    I also picked up complimentary Neverfull MM and got a Porte Cles. Will collect Mini Pochette tomorrow (complimentary as well)
  2. Thank you so much for the info!! The Monogram Bronze sounds interesting indeed, esp. the hobo! LV is bringing out sooooo much new stuff this year, it's unbelievable!
  3. I can't wait to see the picture :heart:
  4. Oooh, exciting!

    Cant wait for pictures!
  5. Thanks for info!
    If you don't mind me do you get a complimentary Neverfull???
  6. My SA told me the mono bronze is a material like the vernis. He said that it's pretty fragile. I think there's 2 bags, right? I looked at the prices....weren't they in the high $2-3k range?
  7. I saw one of the bags from a magazine, it indeed looks like the vernis in bronze ,quite a pretty bag !:tup:
  8. They look very nice.
  9. Complimentary? :nuts: Wow! How?!?
  10. Sounds interesting now.... really want to see the pic..

    thanks for info..:flowers:
  11. Me too me tooo!! Bronze Vernis is my all time fave LV material. Hope this is similar, I like the way the styles/shapes sound too.:yahoo:
  12. I'd like to know as well.
  13. The Monogram Bronze is no way similar to the Monogram Vernis Bronze. Its similar to the Monogram Matt Glace but it is not shiny. It like matte bronze (its leather but look like wooden/bronze painted) and the LV Logos are embosed.

    I collected today the pochette and they told me pre-fall catalogue reserved for me. (will post pics here on i received them)

    As for free Neverfull, I introduced present employer to LV, she purchased lots of spring-summer & pre-fall items (more or less £20,000). Given Neverfull & matching pochette (by LV) as token of appreciation.

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