Mon Monogram now available in all sizes of Speedy and Keepall

Which Mon Mongoram will you order?

  • Speedy 25

  • Speedy 30

  • Speedy 35

  • Speedy 40

  • Keepall 45

  • Keepall 50

  • Keepall 55

  • Keepall 60

  • Keepall Band 45

  • Keepall Band 50

  • Keepall Band 55

  • Keepall Band 60

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New Member
Mar 7, 2008
The prices are equivalent to the differences between non-mon monogram pieces. So Speedy Mon Monogram 30 I think was 1000, and 25 was 970, 35 was 1030. Same with the keepalls it was not a big difference!


Jan 7, 2009
Deem0nessa - Are you going to get one with your car#?

at the rate im failing with the bag ban...ummm no..LOL...I go in and out of this one...I wonder how long they will offer this? well if i do it will be with yellow and black and the number 791! my car has a cute little bee plaque on the dash with 0791/1000....I do however know that I will not be able to order it from the boutique on the island I am on and will have to fly to Oahu to order it :sad: so most likely not. But then again like being on ban I always go weak!