modelling pics/ your Mulberry in action!

  1. Great thread! That ivy bayswater looks great on you and I love your choc seude jacket.
    I'll join in next week once my dear sons are back at school and I have a minute to think!
    Fab idea Jo.
  2. Thank you for starting this thread. It will give us all an idea of sizes. I wish someone would write a coherent, bumpkin friendly explanation of how to post pictures. I go to the section, do what it says, and nothing happens!
  3. I am really surprised as I have always thought that these bags(Bayswaters) are really -carry bags , but actually they look great underarm!!

    Love the jacket!!!

    Mmm-Maybe I will have a look on eBay...
  4. If you have saved pictures in your computer should be easy, here just hit Reply and under the section where you write the message there's a manage attachments button, you should be able to browse for your pictures there and then just post the message. :tup:
  5. This is a great idea for a thread. I dont have much internet acess at the moment but when I do I'll post some pics of my (very small) collection on me!
  6. me and my small Antony

    img_0574 (2)small.jpg

    me and Annie:heart:

    img_0576 (2) small.jpg
  7. come on ladies- don't be shy!!!
  8. bump
  9. ok, I won't be shy......
    Purple Leather Bayswater - yummy!

    To get the right perspective, I'm not quite 5' tall/short, LOL! When I look at these pics, the bag maybe a bit too big for me, but hey, I don't care cuz I just love her!
    CIMG2273.JPG CIMG2272.JPG CIMG2274.JPG
  10. dcblam- looks great!
  11. OK, here's mine.
    I'm 5ft 2 and these were taken without heels so I look stumpy! I'm a curvy (ie; boobs & bum) 16-18 UK.

    Olive Phoebe.
    Chocolate Soho.
    Tangerine Araline.
    Black Alana.
    Phoebe 3.JPG Alana 2.JPG Araline 1.JPG Phoebe 4.JPG