MK v MK Collection

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  1. Wow!
    SEWDimples that is an amazing collection. I love them all. Especially the Miranda with the fur charm :heart::heart::heart::tup:
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  2. Here's some pics of my 4....

    20151018_140131.jpg 20160328_190636.jpg 20170701_194402.jpg
  3. I have the large black's lovely!!
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  4. #19 Aug 12, 2017
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    I own three collection bags, I will post a picture of them tomorrow :heart: XOXO
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  5. OMG cdt racing!!!!!
    Is that a snakeskin Miranda?!?!:panic:
    Somebody give me air....swoon!!
    I have been trolling the secondary market for a Miranda and I gotta say no one let's them go. A couple north/south out there but I need the size you have. The larger original.
    Perhaps someday.....
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  6. And here are my 3 MK Collection bags. Two Mirandas and a Sedona messenger.
    MK Sapphire Selma & Mirandas 024.JPG MK Suede Sedona 006.JPG MK Suede Sedona 034.JPG
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    Thank you, Efleon. Yes, it is the Large Miranda in Mangrove Watersnake. I'm especially fond of this one. It's quite large & can hold anything I could possibly want to put in it. Snakeskin is more delicate than leather so I make sure to keep it conditioned well. I occasionally see one on the secondary market so you just have to be vigilant in the hunt for one. Once you get one, you don't want to let it go. If I find one in python, I will get that one too. :yes: Every time I carry her, people will stop me to comment on her.
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  10. Thank you. I agree. I especially can't help constantly feeling the luscious suede on my Sedona messenger. It's so luxe! MK Collection bags are truly amazing and worth every penny. Best value for the price IMO!
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  11. I've had a couple of Michael by Michael Kors bags in the past. I liked them. But now I have a collection bag and it's one of the nicest bags I've ever owned - if not The nicest - yummy leather, quality HW, real python trim. And the design with the handles - my current fave. This is my Tonne bag.
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  13. This bag is gorgeous!
  14. This is a gorgeous bag!