MK v MK Collection

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  1. Hi All,
    I am a bagoholic and used to buy Louis Vuitton etc until the babies came and now it's hard to justify. However, on my recent quest for a reasonable bag I almost by accident wandered into the MK department and came home with (and scored a great price!!!) a Michael Kors Collection Rogers medium hobo in luggage. The quality looks fantastic, lined in lucious suede, beautiful hardware and the size is perfect. My only quibble is "made in China"
    My question is, being new to MK, what is the difference between MK and MK Collection????
    And are those the only two "lines"????
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  2. Michael Kors Collection are the higher end bags. They are made of better materials and hardware. More leather products.

    Michael Michael Kors which is what most people carry and in many malls and department stores is the more common folk line. There's more Monogram and saffiano leather. It's a lot more affordable so apt of people carry things from MMK.

    **Someone chime in if I forgot something or if I'm wrong!!
  3. Thank you so much for that!!
    I gotta say I'm loving my Rogers. Perfect size and super quality.
    I think I'm a convert!!!!!
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  4. I don't know much about it but would love to see a picture of it as a huge bag lover myself
  5. IMG_3792.JPG Here she is!
  6. I was scrolling through TPF and this pic showed in the preview…WOW! What a beautiful bag and find. Love it and the quality looks amazing.
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    Congrats! Your bag looks amazing. I love MK Collection bags. I have 6 bags and my favorite is the Miranda Tote. I'm looking to expanding my collection. Enjoy!

    I love MMK and Outlet bags as well. It depends on how much I love the bag and how I'll use it.

    Here's are few pictures.




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  9. I actually prefer the Collection bags over the MMK even though I have more MMK bags. The MMK bags are my workhorse bags. Because I have specific requirements for all my bags, I gravitate to the large sizes of bags & totes. I have 4 Collection bags (2 Miranda with one large & the other a medium which is as large as most large designer bags) & 2 Large Lexi. There were a couple of other Collection bags I liked but did not acquire before they were sold out. I do like some Collection styles that have been discontinued like the Tonne. As for quality, the Collection bag's leather is superb, soft & buttery, & all the ones I own still look new & have held up very well. I do think the quality of the Collection bags is much higher than the MMK.
    My MMK bags, while less expensive, are used daily for the most part. I love the structure & durability of my Saffiano bags especially since that is one of my bag requirements. Since I do take care of my bags & rotate them regularly, they have held up well & almost all of them still look new as well. A couple of my soft leather MMK bags are showing some wear but they older bags & I have carried them quite a bit. So far, I have not had any quality issues with them but I haven't bought a new style bag in over a year. I, personally, have not been particularly impressed with the newer styles. That's probably due to the fact that the majority of the new styles don't meet my requirements for what I carry. I will say that MK does have some of the best colors for bags.
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  10. AFAIK, Collection bags are rarer in that there aren't as many of them made as regular bags. Every collection bag will have "MK Collection" either heat-stamped in the leather, or imprinted in a plaque if it has a plaque (or the lock in some styles like the Yasmeen clutch).

    They also come with sandy linen dust bags instead of your usual white silky dust bags. And they're anywhere from 3 to 20+ times the price of regular MK bags. I don't think they're that rare in America because I remember people saying they were finding MK Collection bags in TK (TJ?) Maxx.. But over here in Britain they're quite rare. Many stores don't even stock them unless we're talking London Regent Street.
  11. @cdtracing
    Are the Collection bags made in Italy? Are some made in the US?
  12. My collection bags are made in China
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  13. They started out that way. Some are still made in Italy while some are made in China. Some of the new styles are made in Italy especially the ones on pre-order. I hope MK goes back to making Collection bags in Italy.
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