MK Jet Set Tote vs. LV Totally MM

  1. Just used it, so the code does work.
  2. Not at all. The center zip pocket is large and holds my new zippered Mk wallet. I love that I can access my glasses and phone easily,but if I want them more secure there is still more room in the zip pockets. I really like this bag. They do make one that is totally zip top but i like this one better.
  3. What is a brazil code or is that the code?
  4. Brasil as I spelled it is the code. S instead of Z.
  5. Thank you!
  6. The MK Jet Set Tote is slightly smaller than the LV Totally MM. I actually haven't used any of my LVs' in almost a month. I have been using my MK Vanilla Signature Jet Set tote the whole week and can't get enough of it! I want another one lol.......but dear hubby will kill me! :graucho: I will be doing a reveal shortly on my MK Vanilla Jet set tote and do a comparsion with my LV Totally MM. Good Luck with your choice! :smile:
  7. Can't wait to see it. I am tempted now with this code to get the vanilla too. They were out of them at my store, so I bought the brown one. Though I have to say I really like it.
  8. I hope Macy's have some when I go later this week so I can see them in person :smile:
  9. I think Im going to buy this bag when I head to NYC in a few weeks. I love the LV Totally but I totally (ha!) trash my bags that are this style because I use them everyday for carrying around all the stuff I need.

    I would rather spend $200 than $1200 on canvas and leather.
  10. Which Jet Set tote do you have? can you please by any chance post a comparison shot of the two together? thank you so much! what color is it?
  11. Does the straps on the Jet Set Tote bother anyone? that they don't lay flat like the Totally's do?
    Did everyone here get matching wallets for theirs?
  12. I bought the MK Pink continental zippered wallet in the saffiano leather for a pop of color coming out of my brown signature bag.
  13. My straps lay flat. They are not as wide as the ones on my Bh but just barely. I have to say I am very surprised by how much I really like this bag.
  14. Any pictures or could you take some if you don't mind ?
  15. They go down not stand straight up?