MK Jet Set Tote vs. LV Totally MM

  1. Hey ladies!

    I've always loved both MK's and LV's totes so now the battle comes head to head. :boxing: I'm trying to decide between the MK Jet set tote and the totally MM. Price difference aside (which MK DEFINITELY has the advantage) I was wondering if anyone has both totes and if so, what are you thoughts? Shoot, even if you just have one of the totes what are your thoughts?

    Micheal Kors Jet Set tote in large (mono)

    Louis Vuitton Totally MM (mono)

    I do like that MK's tote has pockets to fit smartphones and tables whereas we all know LV need to catch up to the times in terms of the phone pocket. MK also has feet too! But it also only has a zipper section whereas LV's zips completely.

    MK also has an option for those that like the Neverfull too
  2. Anybody? Or am I the only person that loves MK totes. :smile: lol
  3. got my first MK bag yesterday and i love it! love his bags!
  4. I've wondered the same thing about the MK versions of the LV bags. I've seen both but not in a head to head comparison so it's hard to know exactly how they would compare. But there certainly isn't anything wrong with the MK bags - they are very pretty and very functional.
  5. I have the LV totally MM and I think it's much more comfortable. I've bought and returned the MK jet set logo tote twice. I think the straps on the MK tote are very stiff. I really wanted to love it since I really loved my totally and wanted to get a back up bag, but not spend over $1000 again. Plus in really liked it in the vanilla color. But maybe with time the straps would soften...
  6. Thanks ladies!

    Lillywillowbug, I do think the straps soften with use or at least that is the case with my current MK tote.
  7. Check Youtube : Search Michael Kors purse review. There are some review videos of these bags.
  8. It's fabulous!!! She does amazing videos - I watched others by her - so informative. And if you will excuse me I need to run out and buy an MK tote!! ;)
  9. You will love it! I have it in vanilla and I LOVE it! Can't even think about switching into anything else!
  10. That video sold me on the MK tote :smile: definitely will be my bday gift to myself :smile: thank you for posting that :smile:
  11. You are welcome. :smile:
  12. Thanks for all this info. I just ordered one in luggage. I always wanted the Lv totally but I didn't want another monogram bag. I think this will be perfect and the price point is right too.
  13. Hi Ladies -
    I'm new to MK after having discovered what beautiful bags have been designed! I have my eye on the MK signature tote in vanilla. Would you recommend this colour? Has anyone had any issues with stains and/or colour transfer? I'm a little leary as I usually gravitate towards darker bags, but the vanilla colour is a stunner. I'm wondering if the chocolate colour might be a little more practical. Any comments would be appreciated. :smile: