MK Jet Set Tote vs. LV Totally MM

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    Darn, I didn't get a 20% code emailed to me. I have purchased from their website, wonder how I can get one?

    EDIT: bummer, I tried to use THANKS as the 20% off code and it said that the item in my cart did not qualify for that discount code. They must exclude Kors bags.
  2. What???? I didn't know there were exclusions. :pout:
    Sorry about that. :hugs: I'll keep my eyes open for another code. :smile:
  3. What? That sucks I was going to use it on a bag today.
  4. No problem, I'm getting one from that eBay seller, he has 6 of them. No discount, but that bag is exclusive to Macy's and I love it. I'm getting brown.
  5. Can you pleaseeeeeee :tender: post your thoughts (and perhaps a mod pic :graucho: ) when you get it? :smile:
  6. I already know I will love it, my co-worker has the exact zip top bag in the Vanilla, but I love the dark brown.
  7. Macy's website has some really nice MK bags :smile: I am really becoming a huge fan!
  8. I have both gorgeous handbags! I recently received the MK Jet Set Tote in Vanilla for Mother's Day on Sunday, and I Love it! Price wise, it is much cheaper than LV! But the LV Monogram Totally MM is very durable and will last a lifetime, hence the higher price! :smile:
  9. I am in the biggest dilemma I really want the Totally MM but I don't want to spend close to $1300 on a handbag but I know how the totally is I have had it before and sold it for personal reasons and have regretted it ever since. Now I saw MK has their jet set tote but I don't know the overall size is smaller and I like a bigger bag. So torn what to do! :shrugs:
  10. [​IMG]
  11. I ended up returning the one in luggage color and getting the signature one in the video you posted. I know I did not want anymore signature stuff,but it had everything else I wanted and it is not to slouchy. It does not have any weird odors. I can't wait to use it.
  12. Is that the one with the open top? Will that not drive you crazy? I wish MK did that mono tote with a completely closed zip top, not just the middle compartment. :sad:
  13. Use the brasil code at Macy's thru May 20 and get 25% off. I'm using it on two MK bags.
  14. I know what you mean.

    Oh snap - thanks for posting! At this price, I'm going to give the MK tote a shot and take my $1k in savings (if I bought the LV) and maybe use it to plan a summer vacation. :graucho:
  15. I thought the same thing about it being so open, but using mine for the past 3 weeks it is really convenient! My wallet stays in the zipper part, make up bag, notebook and gum and mints stay in the outside compartments and in all the pockets! HTH