MK Jet Set Tote vs. LV Totally MM

  1. I love this bag in the light color. I went to the mall today and looked at the MK collections. I could not make a decision on what I wanted. I was trying to decide between the LV neverfull, totally and galleria. Then I saw the MK bags, and they are cute too, and way cheaper. Decisions, decisions!!! How are the straps on this tote? Are they stiff and uncomfortable?
  2. wow! it really looks nice. I am from Canada and i cannot find this on their website. do you happen to have the item code for this? Thanks.

  3. Sorry. The bag is at home and I am away for work. I purchased the bag at Macys and I believe it is still on there website. :smile:
  4. yea i love mk bags b/c they're similar to lv bags but at a greater price!
  5. How are you loving this bag? I would like to get one but a zipped one.. not the one with 3 sections .. My I ask if you got this from the outlet or fp store?

    I am going to vegas next week and i'm hoping to locate one :biggrin:

    Is it easy to carry?

  6. Does the leather trim on these MK bags patina at all?
    I just bought the vanilla wristlet to use as a pochette inside my bags. Never had anything MK before. Does anyone have a picture of a well used tote?
  7. I watched this video and it's great.... I am sold on the jet set for sure....
    Tho I did find the one at Macy's that crissy is talking abt and found it hard to get my phone in and out of the outside pocket... I will look today at the outlet and hope that it's a tad bigger cuz I like the outlet price better:smile:
    I'm thinking vanilla at the moment.....

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  8. How are you enjoying your bag?

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  9. That color is beautiful and the leather is so soft.... How are you enjoying this bag???

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  10. So how are you liking this bag??

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  11. How are you enjoying this... I did like the dark handles when I saw but not the price tag... I'm hoping to find one at the outlet with the lighter handles...

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  12. This is the 3 section one right??

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  13. When it came I ended up returning it. It had a really foul smell. I think it had to do with the place I ordered it from or the shipping. I ended up with the logo tote in the video. I really like it despite not really wanting another monogram bag.
  14. Sorry to hear you had to return it. Glad you like your logo tote.

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