MJ Train Card Case

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  1. I came across this while browsing eluxury, and was just wondering if any of you experts happen to know if this style comes in any other colors. I think it'd make a great little case for carrying a few business cards around, but I'm still a MJ newbie, so I'm not so familiar with the color combinations available.

  2. I've never seen that before!! It's too cute!
  3. That's cute! I don't think I could fit enough business cards in there though..
  4. I agree, it's cute, but I haven't seen it before and it doesn't look like it would fit even 1/8 inch stack of cards without getting out of shape. JMO.
  5. I don't tend to carry more than five cards at a time (unless I have a meeting with clients that day), so I usually just stuff a few into my wallet just in case I bump into anyone. I figured the MJ train card case would be great for my metrocard and a few extra business cards. I am however hoping these come in more colors :yes:
  6. that's so cute! minimalistic but with a touch of MJ. nice!
  7. i'm tempted to get this, so i can carry my student id and metrocard in its own chic little case!
  8. :woot::drinks:
  9. eluxury now showing it in Maple!
  10. Ooooo this would be fab for my work ID & gym card....errrr must resist!!
  11. I was hoping it came in a red or violet shade (I love bright colored accessories).

    I stopped by Bloomies yesterday (since it was the last day for the F&F 20% off), and hoping to find this in stock, but unfortunately they didn't even have this style available.
  12. It's a resort style, so will be rolling out to stores soon....
  13. it's pretty cute. perfect for a subway card although i usually just throw that in my jean pocket
  14. Oooooh, I'd like it to hold my license, cash & credit card for when I go to shows. I hate bringing a purse to a concert, so I usually just shove some stuff in my pocket, and this would be PERFECT!

    I do wish it came in Lilac, though.