MJ in NY - Any experience with them?

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  1. Anyone have any experience with the MJ stores in NY? How is the sales staff?
  2. i've been to the one i think around bleecker street?..i dunno the christopher street west village area and they were very friendly/nice/polite but that may just be because i was dressed very nicely and had an expensive bag.....but seemed like an overall pretty laidback/friendly store.........don't like the sales staff as much at the marc by marc jacobs store nearby tho
  3. They are really nice...I used to deal with the handbag manager herself...she was great to me.
  4. Good experiences with both the one on Bleeker and on Mercer. Kind of curt, but nice and helpful enough and no problems with ordering or shipping.
  5. I've been to the one on Bleeker a few times- they are always very nice and helpful.

  6. I agree...I'm not too fond of the staff at Marc by Marc Jacobs on Bleecker. they were sort of rude and I was actually wearing M by MJ at the time! the staff at MJ in SF, though OT, is great
  7. I can't deal with New York anymore! They were very short with me and seemed like they were in a hurry. I only do busniess with the Las Vegas store now. They are so kind and so friendly, and answer every one of my questions!
  8. i called ny bleeker st yesterday with a question and the woman gave me two bits of wrong information and then just hung up.
  9. I'm going to show some love for the NY MJs here. I have had wonderful experiences at both boutiques. Daisy at the Mercer boutique is great. And Carolina at the Bleecker boutique is a doll. The other SAs who have been in the boutiques when I've been there have always been pleasant and helpful as well.
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