Miu Miu Patent Leather Tote-Fresh from Milan!

  1. I went to Milan today for a big shopping tour. On top of the agenda is the Miu Miu patent Leather Tote bag (red) which I posted several days before and is available on NAP. I just feel that I need to see it IRL to make a final decision.

    What's the result? I ended up not buying the red one (as it's actually a fire engine red which is too flashy for my style) but a black one! It looks so classic yet chic and trendy that I just love it so much!!!

    Here comes this beauty fresh from Milan! (hopefully the flash is not distorting its beauty)


  2. congrats, beautiful bag, love the size.
  3. WOW! I love this bag in black--stunner!
  4. Great bag! Congrats and enjoy. :yes:

    And I agree that the red patent version is a bit over the top.
  5. I like that alot !! Enjoy !!
  6. She's wonderful! I would love to see modeling pics so I know how big it is! Very chic!:supacool:
  7. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  8. STUNNING bag! Love it!:tup:
  9. Very pretty! I think patent leather is boldly classic!
  10. Hi alouette, here comes the modeling pic and another pic of the bag taken during the day. The pics above were taken at night, therefore may not be very clear due to the flash. Enjoy!


  11. Gemi~ it looks soooooo pretty on you! Love it! :smile:
  12. Minette, thanks!:smile:I'm thinking on a right occasion to wear this beauty...
  13. I love it! Wear it in good health!
  14. I love that bag - I really like the taupe version as well and am considering buying it. A patent taupe is a great winter choice - would look way sexy with black, navies and brown for winter.

    -arm candy
  15. The bag is gorgeous and it looks great on you! Congrats on such a lovely purchase.