Missing the City life!

  1. Hello all! I hope I posted in the right area, this is my first thread...I just moved from San Antonio to Kansas and I am sad! We moved from the a nice suburb to a farm country area about 45 minutes from Kansas city. There is a Kmart, Wal-mart, and Home depot in town. Wahhh! All I see is corn for miles and miles and very little style... Thank goodness it is just for a short time then back to a city.... I will have to buy my handbags online and keep up with everthing via this forum... Please if you have had a radical moves like this tell me how to adjust!!! Thank you!!:crybaby:
  2. Why did you move there in the first place if you're moving back into the city? I suppose knowing that it's not a permanent move should be comforting.

    Did you know that Kansas is topologically flatter than a pancake? I can totally sympathize with you. Living in the middle of nowhere and having to drive a long ways to shop or see the arts. Look on the bright side, at least the worst of tornado season is over.
  3. Last May I moved from a really urban location to a sleepy suburb. It's been more than a year and I'm still not used to it. I still cry sometimes when I go to my old neighborhood. All the cute little boutiques, the bakery, the cafes for people watching... *sigh* Out here we have strip malls and not much else.
    If you figure it out please let me know!
  4. Just look at it as a "stage" in your life, and your life is going to be comprised of many stages.
    But I bet you'll enjoy getting back to SA!
  5. I hear you! My parents live in a sh*thole of a town which is a 4hrs drive from here. Every time I go on vacation there I'm dead bored after a week. Don't get me wrong, I love visiting my parents but there's nothing to do when they're working!

    I have to drive for an hour to cross the border and get to the nearest mall (in Eagle Pass, TX) whose largest store is JCPenney. Go figure!
  6. Moving is always tough, esepcially if it's such a drastic change. But you know, life is what you make out of it... I am sure there are geat things around your new town that most people would kill for such as being able go out for a long walk at dusk, the silence, the sound of the birds singing, the sence of security...
  7. I totally understand...I moved from Chicago to Sunnyvale, CA for work. There's a target and about a million apartments, and thats it.

    Now I'm just waiting, hoping to get transfered back to Chicago or Boston! I'm only about 40 minutes from SF, but I don't really like that city and it's too far from work/too expensive to live there anyway.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. My DH(Not quite sure if it stands for Dear Husband or Dumb Husband) has a temporary position for a year then hopefully it is onto Portland Oregon which has all the high end stores. I realize that the country has a sense of peace and security but this place is really dismal and dirty. Kansas City is 45 min away and it has some nice malls in Overland from what I hear. I am just used to getting in my car or walking to the nearest shopping center. I just have to make friends I guess with the neighbors. Thanxs for all the support!! I love savvy and fashionable people on this forum....
  9. Grew up in the Chicago burbs, spent 4 years in the San Francisco area, and now in central PA...where there is NOTHING around! No good food, no good shopping, a piddly theater that gets traveling shows..... Everyone keeps telling me how close I am to big cities (2 hours to Philly, 2 hours to Baltimore, 2.5 hours to DC, 3 hours to NYC, 3 hours to Pittsburgh, etc)...but I don't want to have to drive for 2 hours to go to a Nordstroms!!! I shop online way too much these days!
  10. I live in Lee's Summit Missouri which is a suburb of Kansas City and we have tons of shopping! Head to the Plaza when you come to town. Awesome shopping and excellent restaraunts are there. We also have a nice malls in Independence and in Overland Park Kansas.

  11. I totally understand how u feel. I moved from sf to lawrence, KS (40 mins from kansas city) for college. At first, I felt exactly like what you are feeling right now. But after a while, its actually not that bad. You should try going to the country club plaza or oak park mall.

    I graduated last year and now i'm living in nyc. Surprisingly, there are many things that I missed in lawrence. I miss no parking fee almost everywhere (or at most a quarter for meters); I miss no traffic everywhere; I miss the 5 mins or less drive to McD, burger king, kfc, taco bell, dunkin donuts, ihop, perkins, wallmart or target; and I miss the friendly people!

    well, at least u only need to stay there for a year! u will get through this
  12. Sorry you feel this way. I guess I'm quite the opposite. I stay in MD and I hate it as far as the busy highways and the cost of living. I also don't have any extended family up here, its just me, the DH and the kids. I also don't have friends, the only people I know are the twenty men that I work with (I'm in the IT field). I'm use to living in the South, where everything is very quiet and at a much slower pace. Look on the bright side, you only have to be there for a year. I'm sure there are a lot worser places than Kansas :smile:
  13. I'm totally a city person so I know how you feel. I don't even like to live in the suburbs. But at least it's not permanent. Just try to take little trips as much as you can and keep yourself busy.
  14. Oh I feel your pain...I'm getting married in Nov. and my FH and I will actually be moving into my grandpa's old house, which is being rennovated for us. I love the city I'm in right now - 5 minutes away from any shopping I want, really, with grocery, Starbuck's and the gym within walking distance - and the house we're moving to is in what I'd consider the country. The only big stores in town are Wal-Mart and Lowe's. I'm thrilled to have the house, but I don't know how I'm going to adapt to the change!
  15. I live a tad rural after spending almost all my life in the S.F. Bay Area (read: close to everything). It has been six years and only recently adjusted somewhat to my lifestyle. I love high end stores but have to travel to Portland or Seattle to shop or visit family in the Bay Area and take BART to San Francisco to shop at NM and the boutiques in Union Square. My husband thinks I'm high maintenance. Imagine that!

    What it boils down to is I'm a city girl and I love the energy a city provides. Nothing can change that.