Miroir Speedy vs. Papillon

  1. OK, I want to call and reserve my bag soon. I really thought I wanted a silver papillon miroir. But after seeing all the pix that have been posted lately, I loooove the way the silver speedy looks. But I think it's really much more formal than the papillon. I can't imagine where I would wear the silver speedy. It's pretty casual here in AZ, and I dont really dress up for work, except for business trips, but I like to get dressed up on weekends when we go to nice places. So where are you planning to wear a miroir speedy?
    00090m.jpg b.jpg
  2. I personally would wear the Speedy anywhere, depending if the clothes I'm wearing are casual or not. I also tend to carry around lots with me, so personally I'm opting for the Speedy. Let us know what you choose!
  3. Hard decision...I love both of your choices as presented on that sheet.

    Silver speedy, and gold papillon. I don't like them as much as if they were the silver papillon and gold speedy...Well, I love silver so I think the silver papillon would look great too.

    I think in terms of the size though, the papillon can be worn casually and formally. The shape itself, IMO is more formal. The Speedy is a bit too large to be a formal bag.

    Both of them are great choices, let us know which one you reserve!
  4. I've gotten on the list for the Papillon because it isn't AS dressy as the Speedy, and also because I already have quite a few different Speedys and have been drooling over a Papillon lately. I think the Miroir Papillon will still be a dressy piece, but easier to "dress down" too, and not AS flashy as the Speedy. My other consideration also, was that since the Miroir might not be a permanent collection and once the whole "metallic" look fades, you'll still be able to carry the Papillon because its more subtle and less trendy looking...
  5. That was my thought too Karman that the papillon is more practical and informal. If I get one bag, it will be a silver pap. If I get 2 it will be a silver speedy & gold pap. I just can not imagine where I would use the silver speedy, it looks like a million dollar bag. Also they told me it is a limited edition collection, so I've got to decide soon.
  6. i prefer the Papillon. i think the Speedy is a 34, and it would be too flashy on such a big bag. if you like to dress up on weekends, the Papillon would be nicer.
  7. I prefer the speedy¸ and I'm hopefully getting one, but then again, I'm really not a papillon fan at all, so I might be a bit biased.
  8. I hope to get the papillon in gold. The speedy is too big for me.
  9. I like both but the'd be too flashy for me.
  10. I'd go for the silver Papillon.
  11. I'd vote for papillon. The speedy seems a little too big for this line.
  12. I'm on the list for the silver speedy. I'm a HUGE speedy fan though and I'm tring to collect one from as many lines as I can. I also like big bags so I think the speedy will be perfect for me.
  13. I like the Miroir Papillon better - I think that the Speedy is a little overwhelming
  14. i would love a papillon for myself but considering its only come on size 26 so i might get speedy 30 instead..

    my SA said that they dont have waiting list here, in Australia :sad: :crybaby:
  15. i'll like the papillon silver better